Twenty Years and Going Strong!

In 1999 a group of refugees from AOL’s Christianity Online Message Boards was looking for a place to discuss marriage and sexuality in a Christian context without being harassed by unbelievers.

TMB built a rudimentary message board system for this purpose. The system was later replaced by a couple of different online systems and then was moved to a phpBB system that was fully controlled in house.

The phpBB system worked well, but as it grew it needed more and more resources. Eventually, it became too expensive to continue. The current system is a replacement that will use far fewer resources. The new system is also set up as a Q&A site, a format that has become increasingly popular.

So welcome to TMB’s 5.0 forum system, ready to enter our third decade!

The forum is provided by The Marriage Bed, Inc. with the financial help of grants and individual donors. The system is moderated by a group of volunteers and is overseen by an oversight group made up of a few users. Dale, our forum czar, is a long-time TMB member and a member of the TMB board of directors.