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  • If it was my wife, I would be happy and congratulate her, and I would buy her one toy more.

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  • Queen bed Asked on December 27, 2019 in No Category.

      Yeah, the Bible is very clear that sex outside marriage is a sin (old testament, new testament).

      Including myself: may God give us the strength to not fall in the trap of the enemy, and use our frustrations in the ‘sex area’ to fall in sin or justify sin (I am not judging you, I am including myself in what I say). But I know it is not easy. Lately I see a few posts of people struggling in the area of ‘sex’, I included, in our case, we have gone from  good sex, to rare, to nothing. But in our case there are other ‘relationship issues’ that are the main root of the problem.

      For people who are having good sex, enjoy it, in some cases while it lasts; for those struggling in this area, I hope things improve for all of us, more than just improving sex, lets hope the relationships with our partners improve as a whole.


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    • changes in physical body?. I’m an average guy. I wish I was 7 or 8 inches…

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    • Queen bed Asked on December 22, 2019 in Oral Sex.

        Hi 90. I think your story is not rare, but more common that what you would think. Marriage (as life) is not easy many times; and inside marriage, the sex bit is combination of enjoyment and challenges.

        At the moment we are going through a similar phase; sex (for those who feel let down in this area) can seem to be the biggest issue in the relationship, but to put things in perspective, it helps to look other areas in our marriages and relationships. In our case, I know that I am not 100% the person that my DW would need by her side, sometimes we also let our ‘other half’ down in other areas (other than sex), but they still have the patience and love to be with us. With this I am not saying thatyou may be also failing your DW in other areas. I am just sharing some thoughts based on my own life.

        Hope things get better for you both.


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      • Yep very awkward situation.

        I have no kids, but I would suggest let her have her own toy.

        But be clear to her about not having sex before marriage, I wonder if getting used to have her own toy may make her more confident about talking about it with friends (girlfriends) and the negative effects this could have in her circle of friends, word spreads easily between teenagers and young people. Tell her to be careful what she shared with friends.


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      • Queen bed Asked on December 7, 2019 in Question of the Day.

          I still have those moments, sudden erections while using public transport, spontaneously, no visual triggers or anything.

          I think such times are more difficult for us men. Women have it much easier.


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        • In our case, she always get a vaginal orgasm, but that’s the 2nd one. Most of the time our sex sessions start with me performing OS on her, there she get her 1st O. After I have spent a good time performing OS, she reaches a point of almost begging me to go for the penetration, because of her hunger, she easily gets the orgasm from vaginal penetration. But in our case the secret is to start with OS on her.

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        • There are a few wolves… as many already pointed out, some of them are using PMs, and a few of them seem to be linked to the MarriageHeat.com site; they are trying to lure people to join that site. patterns:

          • they approach you with PMs
          • they try to get private information from you
          • they ask you if they can share photos by email
          • some photos are fake
          • at some point in the conversation they will invite you to the marriageheat.com site
          • the same individuals appear under multiple accounts

          As the site marriageheat.com seems to make money selling sex stories of people, they may see many members of TMB as potential generators or earnings for them. Protect yourselves. hunt down the wolves…

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        • Definitely, modern life, work and technology have stolen our sex lives… TMB included :).

          In the time we have spent here, in all of our posts, replies, reading posts from others, I wonder how much sex we could have had instead, and how many Os…

          But TMB has its good side too, good to see other opinions on some topics. The good thing here is that I feel there are many genuine Xtian ppl.

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        • Queen bed Asked on November 24, 2019 in Oral Sex.

            My DW almost never performs OS on me.

            But the few times that she does, I cannot keep my hands quiet, I play with her breasts, and try to massage her down there and do a bit of fingering, and gently invite/move her to a 69 position.

            When I perform OS on her, she is mainly quiet at the beginning, but as she is getting close to her monster orgasm, she guide my head to concentrate more on her clit, and presses the vulva/labia area very strongly against my mouth and lips. As soon as she get the monster orgasm, it is too much for her, she cannot handle it, and she pushes me away with all her strength.


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