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  • Twin bed Asked on December 30, 2019 in Question of the Day.

      I would be open to doing something like this and I actually want to feel confident enough in myself to take pictures like that. If I ever do it, it would probably be some homemade ones. Maybe having my sister take the photos at my house, something like that.

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    • Twin bed Asked on December 29, 2019 in MARRIED SEX.

        If my husband felt like that I would absolutely want to know, like get the whole picture. If she doesn’t understand your desires, then she can’t love you in the way you are looking for. I am sorry you don’t feel safe enough to share your feelings with her Mon-Fri. I would encourage you to lead with bravery and vulnerability in sharing your heart, even though it puts you at risk. By the tone of your post, it sounds like she has good will toward you and isn’t trying to reject or hurt you. If that is true, being vulnerable (not accusatory) will likely have a favorable outcome.

        “She knows what no does to me but says I need to get past that.”

        I have maybe a different take on this one everyone else. I think there should be room for your wife to say “not right now”. I would not feel safe, cherished, and honored in a situation where I couldn’t ever  say no. I know that sexual rejection is highly emotional and I’m not trying to minimize your pain in any way, but maybe you should explore why a “no” is so devastating to you. If her heart is not to reject you, but just to also be heard, understood, loved, and respected, then maybe there are other emotional issues inside that cause to to feel so much rejection. There is a podcast Java with Juli podcast episode that talks about other emotions that men sometimes need to work through that was very interesting. It’s episode #275 with Jay Stringer. I don’t know if that is helpful for your situation so take it or leave it.

        I hope that both of you can grow in sharing your hearts and honoring each other!

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      • Twin bed Asked on December 28, 2019 in Theology of Sex .

          I’ve learned how much the Lord wants us to long to receive from him. I’m still trying to fully embrace this at times in our bedroom after years of thinking it was all about what I could give. I also understand better how much the bride’s desire is so important to Him. He desires real relationship which requires mutual honesty and mutual desire. It’s beautiful to me.

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