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  • Twin bed Asked 2 days ago in Activities & Items .

      Speaking from the male perspective, God clearly designed the most powerful sex organ in your body…. the brain.  When you combine physical touch, with sexual sounds, smells and taste… you are fully engaged in love making.  This is not to say that if you don’t include all of this in each love making session that you are not love making… just to say that each of these senses can play a role in increasing the pleasure you receive (and give) in a love making session with your spouse.

      I feel strongly that the church and Christians have wrongly constrained enjoyment in the marriage bed to the missionary position (nothing wrong with that position just it is not the only one but instead one of thousands of ways to enjoy intimacy with your spouse as you enjoy what the Intimacy Buffer has to offer).

      God has provided an entire Intimacy buffet of ways to enjoy love making with your spouse and yet many mainstream  churchs/Christians have roped off most of it saying it is out of bounds.

      Is it possible that the lack of pleasure which God intended for Christian couples is largely responsible for the high divorce rate in Christian marriages?

      Is it possible that Christians have chosen to draw the line based on some notion of high society’s boundary rather than where God draws the line?

      I think the position of Christians should be; if God didn’t forbid it… then it is on the Intimacy buffet should you and your spouse choose to partake.




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    • I am 6’2″ my DW is 5’4″ so 10″ difference.  OS works pretty well for us.  Kissing when standing I have to bend down.  I don’t think the differences in height have a big effect because most couples learn to accommodate for the difference to make it work.

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    • Twin bed Asked on September 13, 2019 in Oral Sex.

        69 for us is DW on top because she is concerned that if I am on top I might get too deep in her throat and she doesn’t want to gag.

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      • This is the bad info I received about sex.

        -If you M too much you will go blind or your “twig” will fall off!

        -Sex was only intended for the purpose of trying to have a child.

        – a man letting his “swarm of swimmers” loose anywhere other than with his wife in PIV position was a sin.

        -Generally, many youth groups were about the evils of “Sex, Drugs and Rock-&-Roll”.   Seemed over the top about everything guy/girl related (holding hands, hugging. kissing etc) was a slippery slope to sex so it all should be avoided.

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      • Twin bed Asked on September 6, 2019 in Intercourse (PIV) & Positions.

          For my DW, missionary PIV and cowgirl PIV with a vibrator are the two best positions.  In missionary, she likes it when I wear a Rounded Oval Ball Stretcher weight on my “berries” so they swing and stimulate the nerves around here A region for extra enjoyment.

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        • Have you shared any fantasies?

          Yes… a few of the tamer ones.

          All your fantasies?

          Never, hundreds of fantasies will remain locked in my mind!!

          How was it received?

          Very poorly, DW doesn’t understand the mental side of sex; so it doesn’t even make sense to her.

          Are there any fantasies that you won’t share?

          Most of them

          If so, why?

          DW wouldn’t understand why they are such a turn on for me.

          Have you asked their spouse about theirs?


          Did they share any?

          Only one… but now my DW says she doesn’t have any….my jaw dropped.. speechless.

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          1. Who enjoys being naked more, you or your spouse?  Me, the husband. Why? Because I am less inhibited.
          2. When and where do you enjoy this most?  Sleep in my Birthday suit every night….don’t like underwear bunching when I roll in my sleep.
          3. What holds you or your spouse back from being naked more? (or for some, from being more naked?)  The kids.
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        • Twin bed Asked on September 4, 2019 in Masturbation (Married - solo or together).

            Duchess,  I love that you have asked this question as recently I have been wrestling with what God allows/desires in the bedroom (including Christian liberties versus what is actually OFF Limits).

            I grew up under very conservative Christian teachings and thus I was taught that sex was ok in marriage but something that is done infrequently and almost apologetically (as you could have been doing something more spiritual instead with your time…like praying) and further anything beyond your basic missionary PIV could lead to other temptations and thus enjoying the full buffet of sexual options available was discouraged.

            I have come to believe that this glib view of sex in marriage is one of the reasons people are turned off by Christianity and why many Christians  view sexuality as something “dirty” ; as if somehow they should feel some sense of guilt about thinking about it.  I have only meet two Christian couples who say they are happy with their sex lives… in my experience the majority of Christians have one or both spouses in the relationship that feel largely unfulfilled with regard to intimacy…. this is clearly not what God intended.

            I am happy to say that God invented sex. God wants married couples to enjoy it as fully as they want!  (Not saying that all Christians have to try every position, every toy, every method etc; just that it is available to them if they choose to do so).

            Clearly the mental side of sex is powerful (some might even argue more powerful than the physical side of sex).  I believe that God gave us imagination and is completely happy with the creativity and stimulation we enjoy with regard to role playing (fantasizing about being an imaginary character; having imaginary skills or abilities you don’t actually have in real life etc).

            Yes, fantasizing about a real life someone you know is off limits (except for your spouse).


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          • I enjoy male chastity as foreplay greatly.  My DW has found some joy in it with regard to keeping me locked until she is well lubricated from OS prior to unlocking me for the main event of the evening (PIV).  I have tried six different cages and they all have pros and cons (none are 5 stars in all categories).
            The metal cages are the most comfortable to wear (with some silicon lube) and can be worn overnight but can be bulky under clothing if worn in public.  They can be a major pinch problem when installing so my DW has me install it (which takes some of the fun out…but beats an injury in that part of my body 🙂 )
            The plastic cages are the least visible under clothing but chaff more than the metal cages…so lots of silicon lube is needed…haven’t found them comfortable for more than a few hours lock up time.
            I found the silicon one to be a joke… required lots of lube but didn’t really stay on… very easy to pull off even when locked…so really not much of a chastity device.
            We do use a lock that has round edges so my wife doesn’t get poked when her body parts are touching the cage.

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