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  • Twin bed Asked on March 20, 2020 in Question of the Day.

      I wish we were more adventurous in the earlier years of marriage. Having a baby has severely curtailed options now.

      DW has some heath issues that mean pain and fatigue occasionally affect things. A comfy bed is by far the best place to have a good time, and indeed a good time is often had! The closest we’ve gotten to ‘you wouldn’t believe it’ would be when we were spending a few days in the Yorkshire Dales for our anniversary and went on a walk in the hills. We were between two gates, with dry stone walls just over waist high either side of the path, so fairly secluded. We stopped for a kiss and got very frisky. We both got aroused. I feel like we could have easily gone for it then, as no-one was around except some curious sheep. The main reason I didn’t is… well, she wouldn’t want to walk the couple of miles back with very wet undies.

      We have done it in the outdoor shower while staying in a yurt. We used the shower as she was on her period. It was a bit uncomfortable. Sometimes these things don’t live up to expectations X-D

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    • Twin bed Asked on February 9, 2020 in Question of the Day.

        Nope. I think it surprised both of us how natural it felt almost from the very start (wedding night nerves not withstanding!). While we aren’t private nudists like some here – we live in an old house in England and I’d rather not spend my entire paycheck on heating, thanks, we do shower together most days and sleep nude/semi nude when it’s not too cold.


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      • From what you’ve said previously you clearly struggle to O during LM. Do either of you do clitoral stimulation during PIV? I know all women are different, but that is by far the best method for me and DW – clitoral on it’s own can get her to O but not reliably or particularly intensely, and PIV on it’s own is underwhelming or even uncomfortable. But both at the same time ticks all the boxes. If you’ve not been trying that so far, I can recommend!

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      • Twin bed Asked on January 28, 2020 in Question of the Day.

          Strip blackjack – it’s a good one! Each round is very quick and of course it’s easy to deliberately lose if one partner is down to a single sock and the other has some catching up to do. I’ve got 20? Hit me!

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        • Twin bed Asked on January 27, 2020 in Oral Sex.

            Hiya, I occasionally posted on the old forum.

            New name here because I completely forgot what my old one was!

            DW is mainly a responsive desire type but, praise God, she knows this and understands the importance of sex in Christian marriage. Our typical sex 3x per week is much more frequent than if we waited for her to be in the mood.

            “What’s the draw or desire to perform cunnilingus? What drives you to desire it? ” – my favourite thing about sex is giving DW pleasure. I love being a selfless lover (I realise that getting off on her pleasure is not entirely selfless!). It’s one of my options for getting her going :)”What makes you enjoy it?” – it’s very intimate. I enjoy her physical response and her pleasure.

            “What does it do for you emotionally? Mentally?” – if it works it will be part of a very fulfilling encounter, not just physically but emotionally and mentally. It’s never the ‘main event’ though and I just move on to something else if it’s not doing it for her.

            “If it’s important to you, why is it?” – it’s not that important, but it’s intimate and fun. I would love to get her to O from it but I think it doesn’t quite press the right buttons for that.

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