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  • Double bed Asked on March 7, 2020 in Activities & Items .

    We’ve used both Covenant Spice and Married Dance with no issues.

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  • Moving this from a reply to an answer for visibility.

    Our go to position, which is very comfortable, allows me to remain insider her while either she or I use a wand for her stimulation.   The wife lies on her back and the husband lying on her right. She puts her right leg over his waist while he rolls to is left (towards her) and places his right leg over her left leg.  He enters her from this position but has access to her with his hands or either one can hold a wand for extra stimulation.  I couldn’t find this exact position on the Christian Friendly Sex Positions site, but it’s been our go-to every since her meniscus surgery last fall. I saw it on a post from Paul Beverly on his Generous Husband blog.  It’s call “Half-Turned”  Check it out here –>  6 Best Sex Positions

    Here another post describing the same, comfortable position on Paul’s Generous Husband blog: Slow Sex Saturday


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  • I think there were two separate blogs that Shulamite started, but I could be wrong.  @Admin, if I’m mistaken, please feel free to correct or remove these links.

    Monoga Bliss

    Christian Nymphos

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  • Double bed Asked on December 30, 2019 in None of The Above.

      Another one that is completely encrypted and has been mentioned here before is “Signal”.

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    • Double bed Asked on December 6, 2019 in Activities & Items .

        One memory was after we had just finished having PIV, my wife told me to turn over, climbed on (WOT) and said she needed to ‘grind’ some more because she wasn’t done.  She well into her menopausal and her libido has definitely taken a hit so that hasn’t happened in years.

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      • Double bed Asked on November 26, 2019 in Marriage Books, Resources, Sites .

          I’ll keep an eye on this thread, but was curious about that app as well.  I loaded it on my phone but haven’t paid for the ‘extra, complete’ features yet. I just wanted to wait and get more feed back from others.  Honestly, Ih haven’t spend any time with it after installing it.  I do hear Sheila Wray Gregoire mention it frequently in her podcasts.


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        • Double bed Asked on November 19, 2019 in Question of the Day.

            We have a Google Home mini in our bedroom and always listen to ClassicFM regardless if having sex or just falling to sleep.  We can turn on/off our nightstand lamps with voice commands as well.  No I’m not worried about big brother listening in.

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          • Double bed Asked on November 15, 2019 in Activities & Items .

              We know several friends that have from very small tattoos to tattoos that cover entire body parts (e.g. leg, arm).  Both my wife and I just don’t understand but don’t condemn.  It’s our understanding they can be very expensive and we’d rather spend money elsewhere.   However, in recent years, I have admitted to my wife that if, and only if, I were to get a tattoo that it would be in place of my wedding ring.   I haven’t worn one from very early in our marriage due to working on cars, playing sports, etc.

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            • Double bed Asked on October 24, 2019 in Question of the Day.

                So as an answer since I can’t comment yet to the question “Does the average, erect penis point up or down or straight out?”

                As I’ve aged the “angle of elevation” has decreased when erect.  That’s measured (estimated) from the horizontal or straight out.  When younger, it might be as high as 70-80°, but at age 58, it generally 50-60°.   Occasionally, it might be a little higher when extremely aroused.   Bear in mind, all measurements are estimated.  Although my wife is a math teacher, we don’t take a protractor to bed — yet. 😁

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              • Double bed Asked on October 24, 2019 in ADMINISTRATIVE.

                  I most recently commented on “Suggestions for ‘mismatched bodies'” six days ago.

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