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  • My wife and I did not have sex prior to marriage.  When married, I was a virgin and she was not.  (She came to Christ in college.)  We had a few episodes during our engagement where things got a little too hot and heavy which led to a brief touch.  Both times, we felt conviction and stopped mid episode and repented.  We did make out during our engagement, but it didn’t go anywhere beyond kissing.

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  • Like Scott said, introducing a vibe was a huge change for us.  It had a negative connotations originally to my DW.  Introduced one and she was both a bit skeptical and it didn’t do much for her.  I got a different one, the wife allowed her inhibitions down a little more, and it was a radical change to say the least.  We actually had to stop going to it all the time because we both felt we were becoming too dependent on it.  But it’s definitely opened up our LM.

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  • Queen bed Asked on March 25, 2020 in Desire Problems (men and women).

    For starters, two encouraging comments.  First, this is not abnormal.  Every couple goes through periods that you’re going through.  (My DW laughs today that our first year of marriage all we fought about was sex, and often my issues in having it.)  Second – God, who is the satisfaction of all our hearts desires, is bigger than marriage or bedroom issues.  So, we will lift your marriage up in prayer, and I would encourage you to do the same.  It’s going to sound strange, but pray for your sex life.  (Pray during sex – I’ve done it many times.)

    One thing – without getting too graphic, I had some similar problems to your husband because, after years of masturbation, sex simply felt different and my body had to have time to adjust to what should have felt “normal.”  This caused issues in my marriage, as I would be unable to reach O and my wife, who had a strong desire that first year, felt like she couldn’t please me.  Which added stress to me, which only compounded the issue.  I actually started getting nervous or anxious when my wife would initiate and would sometimes try to push it off, which sounds crazy now.  After prayer, quitting masturbating, and being very open and honest with each other, we were able to transition to life together, and our sex life significantly improved.  Like most things, sex life isn’t always as easy as the movies say it is.  However, that’s part of the learning and loving your spouse where they’re at, and not where you think they should be.  Praying for you both.

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  • Queen bed Asked on March 20, 2020 in MARRIED SEX.

      For my DW and I, it was our second day of marriage.  Spooning turned in to spooning LM, and we both just suddenly reached O after five minutes or less.  It’s actually somewhat more memorable of an experience then our first time the night before.  Ironically, we’ve not had much success with spooning LM since.

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    • Queen bed Asked on February 15, 2020 in Chit Chat, Jokes, and More .

        Despite my earlier post, we had a great day. I took the day of from work and took the family out to play at the local museum. Kiddos took naps in the afternoon, then we delivered goodies to our neighbors (outreach opportunity.) I cooked a fancy dinner for the fam, kids went to bed, and the wife and I had a fire with wine, cheese, and chocolate covered strawberries. After that, well, I was left a little disappointed but still a great day

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      • Father God, protect this marriage and this couple.  Give them strength and desire to continue even when they don’t have an themselves.  Amen.

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      • Hello.  One thing to remember is that everyone here has a wide variety of beliefs, so remember that my views here are simply that.

        I introduced a toy for my DW within the last year or so due to my DW having issues reaching O during our LM.  It didn’t hurt my ego at all – in fact, I love it as it gets her (and therefore me) in to our session.  If your husband wrestles with that, I would suggest he study it more (and more from a scientific/case study standpoint.)  The media, health magazines, and of course porn has been teaching lies on this subject for years – that a man’s ability/size is what leads women to O.  It’s simply not the case.

        Having said that, I think there’s a bigger issue here.  I think the fact that you have guilt surrounding this is good – I think that you know you’re depriving your husband of sharing your sexual pleasure, and that you should confess that to him (and God.)  This is just my conviction, but the marriage bed and sex is supposed to grow you and your DH together.  However, it sounds like your current experience is actually driving you apart – you are doing it in secret, without him, and more frequently.  On a certain level, you are writing him out of your sexual experience.  I think he will be far more hurt that you weren’t sharing this experience with him than that you are looking to toys to reach O.  I think once there’s been reconciliation, you should find something that works for the both of you.  Maybe, before heading out for work, he can please you with the toy (and maybe you can return the favor by taking care of him.)  That way, both the quantity and quality of your needs are being met but it’s shared with your DH to grow your intimacy, vulnerability, and life closer together instead of becoming a wedge.

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      • Queen bed Asked on January 22, 2020 in MARRIED SEX.

          Usually 5-10 minutes. But the irony is that half the time we agree to have a quickie (due to being too late or tired) we get in to it and it turns in to a much longer session.

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        • Queen bed Asked on May 6, 2019 in MARRIED SEX.

            1. Wife normally reaches O through MS before PIV

            2. Yes, almost every time

            3. No – it’s most of the time pretty obvious when thins are working and when they aren’t.

            4.  She most of the time tells me beforehand.

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          • Queen bed Asked on April 22, 2019 in MARRIED SEX.

              Bout twice a week (although this month has been more like once a week.) It’s gotten a lot better the last six months but we’re still trying to grow in our intimacy (both physical and emotional) together.

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