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  • On the floor Asked 21 hours ago in OFF TOPIC.

      I had a good friend from Lebanon. He made excellent lamb kibbe. He wanted to go back but couldn’t. He was so sad at how his country had changed. He was a leader of the freedom fighters when Syria invaded in the 80’s. He had to leave lest they find him and kill him. Good Christian man, taught me how to make hummus.

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    • On the floor Asked 21 hours ago in Chit Chat, Jokes, and More .

      I am waiting for the YouTube compilations of these type events….I know they are coming, may already be out there since I haven’t looked, but I know they are coming….  LOL

      I did see one where this gal was on ZOOM and her husband (I presume) came waltzing by behind her in nothing but tightly whiteys, kinda doing a little dance along the way, when she obviously hollered out and he turned and noticed the screen and bolted…..right into the door frame! …and onto the floor!   Then went crawling away….

      Maybe they were recording her meeting….you’ll soon find out I bet!

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    • On the floor Asked 21 hours ago in Oral Sex.

        Ok  @Scott+Zelda– good discussion –

        #1 – I agree, women do not relate to their genitalia like men do. BUT – many here have admitted that they have insecurities about their genitalia. So while it may not be a positive to their self-esteem, if a man reacts wrongly, or in disgust, it can certainly be a negative. In that way, I think it applies.

        #2 refers back to #1 and how a man reacts to the female genitalia.

        #3 – This indeed may vary widely from woman to woman, and even in the same woman from time to time. Some may tolerate being rejected for OS and others may feel a deeper hit.

        #6 – Maybe that varies with men like #3 varies with women. I too enjoy and relish when my wife wants me to do her orally, and I enjoy her taking part in it with her hands – though I have never had her grab my head or hair or anything. I have had her use her own hands to enhance whatever I was doing and that always makes me feel good because I figure I’m doing things well and pleasing her. I do think #6 can represent a power play and will certainly turn many women off, but some it may even go the other direction. It could play into the “being taken” feeling for some, at some time.

        I notice we are using a lot of “sometimes”, “varies”, “maybe”, “some”, when talking about those fickle females….if they’d just make up their minds! 🙂 (Its a joke girls…just a joke)

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      • As a friend of mine once said “She’d much rather be tickled than gouged.”

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      • On the floor Asked 22 hours ago in Oral Sex.

          Like a sore thumb! Or an erect penis…. 🙂
          I’m sure there are a few that overlap to OS on her as well. Especially the first three.

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        • Perhaps one of the problems I foresee happening more and more is how does one counteract the social media, narcissistic, “look at me”, porn influenced culture that such a large portion of children are growing up in? I know narcissism and validation seeking is not new. And I know there “is nothing new under the sun.” I agree with that in the deep, human nature kind of way. But Soloman did not have to deal with kids that live on Instagram likes with split-second gratification. The internal desires have not changed, the external forces and sources have, and I believe the impacts have as well.

          So these kids go into matrimony with a whole different set of standards and expectations, and a totally different communication style. Heck, I’ve even been subject to it and I know there are many around here who have when I read (and have done it) about a husband texts his wife – in the other room no less – that he is feeling like some sex. Yeah, it seems innocent and maybe even a little convenient,  but think about it further. It can also represent a disconnection of inner emotional depth and meaning.

          I’ll give an example – one that is harsh. I recently had an older friend pass away quite probably from corona virus complications. Not your common symptoms, but some that are associated with it in some limited cases. He was texting his doctor his symptoms – diarrhea, to severe diarrhea, extreme weight loss over a short period (attributable to the water loss I’m sure) fatigue and a slight fever. Doctor played it off, told him to get tested (positive result came back the day after he died) and stay home and rest.  Seven days after first symptoms he passes away in his sleep. Doctor says it’s probably because of the dehydration causing a stroke or HA.  WOW. Totally avoidable. But he never actually called and spoke with the doctor. He was “just texting”, so it must not have been that serious, right? The day before he died he was told to “get off that text and call the doctor and insist on some help!” It was too late. Now – I’m not blaming it on texting per se, but we all know that a text is not received the same as a call, and even less than a actual FTF.

          Texting is how the kids of these days communicate.  Cold, impersonal, risk free. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

          I watched a movie recently, cant remember the name, but it was about a black piano virtuoso and the white Italian “good fella” that he hired to escort him on a tour down south during the 60’s.  It was based on a true story. You can ascertain the likely storyline. But what was also a hidden gem was how this well educated piano player helped this uneducated “muscle” write these romantic letters home to his wife and the impact they had on her, and her friends. Even when she knew they were being “ghost written”, she still appreciated them. Why? Because of the depth of what they said and the effort they took and what they represented. THAT is what I think is, or has been lost on our younger generation. Will they find their way without it? I don’t know. They may find something to replace it. But the fact is those kind of things have been holding society and marriages together for centuries. You may not have a romantic husband – but wouldn’t you like a little – real romance?  Sure – because it proves something to you. A text just proves he wants some @$$. You may not have a romantic wife – but wouldn’t you enjoy some special treatment? Sure – because it proves something to you. A duty quikie just proves she’s willing to put up with you to keep getting the rent paid.  (I know those are hyperbolic examples and nuanced to prove a point – but I think they prove it.)

          The question is how do we teach these deeper meanings to a generation who thinks romance is swiping right instead of left?

          Rant over  🙂

          There is only one way, and it hasn’t changed. Through modeling and teaching God’s way. But we first have to know it ourselves.

          Now the rant is truly over. LOL

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        • On the floor Asked 2 days ago in Question of the Day.

            Yep….and they  often cause problems. In fact, almost always cause problems.

            I don’t know if you could or should call all of them fantasies per se, but I often find myself looking ahead and thinking about what I would like to do that day to/with/for my DW. The problem is that if I ever share these thoughts with her, she most often will poo poo the idea or react with some apathetic reaction and it kills me. Or if I don’t share them but simply try to proceed along those lines to make it happen, something invariably happens that derails the idea and things go to hell from there. So I have come to the conclusion that “fantasies” are just problems waiting to happen and I am trying to avoid them going forward. It stinks really.

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          • On the floor Asked 2 days ago in Oral Sex.

              BlueLi – I have a feeling why you are getting slammed with all the negative votes on your question, but that doesn’t mean your question deserves them or deserves no answers. I’m not a girl, and I suspect all the down votes are women – but who knows. Either way, unless you are a troll just looking to stir up controversy, a few words of encouragement can’t hurt.

              I would strongly suggest looking around here for posts about this topic and gather some information and ideas to go back and share with your husband and find a way to work through this together to both your benefits. I will say as a man, that it is a greater sexual pleasure to finish inside rather than outside, but swallowing really has a  zero affect on the physical experience of orgasm itself for the man. If there is anything to consider it might…might be mental in the form of the idea of your complete acceptance of him. But I will say that that is an obstacle he should be able to work around if he understands and is sensitive to it being difficult for you. If all you can do is spit it out after ejaculation, and you can be good with that, IMO, that is going far enough for any man, and further than most get already.  There are other options to make your point, but I’ll not go into them here lest I get flamed myself…

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            • On the floor Asked 2 days ago in None of The Above.

                Could we call the  Spanish Inquisition “Toxic Religion” or even “Toxic Christianity”? (though I personally prefer not to attach Christ’s name to things like that at all)

                The problem arises from the fundamental leanings of those using the term in an effort to characterize all aspects of being a man as wrong or questionable. It’s an agenda driven term.

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