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  • From this DW of just bout 30 yrs of marriage…. he loves and enjoys tooooo much fore play!     Yes he feels he cums too quickly (true) and wants to make it last longer …. but once excited – I want to  cum ( not be edged like he likes)

    In thinking , guess the benefits we wives have is ability to orgasm in multiples, which  changes our expectations- thus plz let me  cum (several times – his hands, his tongue, his erection, out toys etc)!!  Then I will tease and edge and slowly please him.

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  • Typically, we will start with mild to medium foreplay of each other at same time …. especially edging DH.  He does not last that long, so after he gets close and is edged 3-5 times, it’s my turn.  We pull out one of my toys and don’t stop until 3-5 orgasms later.  During all that, sometimes we don’t let hubby touch himself, other times he will to give me a show, and tease himself.  Once I’m done, then it’s his turn and I take care of him.  We have done it this way for years and works well for our situation.    Guess bottom line is get naked, aroused and then talk about it!

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  • Great reply … so happy others are willing to go out on a limb in regards to fantasies.   Usually it leads to a lot of fun, teasing and pleasure/ pleasing intimate aaa

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  • DWinOK ….. just about every dude has multiple erections through out the night (regardless as to dreaming about sex or anything else)   When being worked up by doc for infertility, some docs will have their patients wear a device that measures number, duration and degree of erections through out a night.  You may have heard of the off color terms like ” morning wood, morning monster etc” …. those are b/c most teens and men wake up with erections most mornings….. aka – human physiology

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  • Queen bed Asked on November 23, 2019 in Question of the Day.

      We both like to hear each other’s  moans or expressions of how amazing things are at that time ( neither of us are fans of dirty or swear words) …. and even though we know when each other is about to come, we both love to hear from the other: I’m going to cum …. or I’m cuming”

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    • Queen bed Asked on November 20, 2019 in Question of the Day.

        Having DW ask me to blind fold her, restrain her and she ask me to edge her until she begs to O

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      • In some parts of the country (mid west) no shave November is in preparation for opening of hunting season – which to many is ALL CONSUMING.  Poor Bambi

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      • Queen bed Asked on November 3, 2019 in Question of the Day.

          Sheer (see through) matching bra and thong

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        • Does shaving feed into shame …. thought provoking question:   Guess your reply had us thinking – wondering-questioning ….. shaving below the belt …… most American wives, girlfriends, females shave their legs and axilla (arm pits) which is cultural norm ( in France – the exact opposite while on our honeymoon and using summer public transit).     Which leads us to our  question: why is it totally accepted to have our population take for granted to shave their legs and axillas – yet to shave or wax pelvic area is shaming?     In our marriage, we both are smooth and cleanly shaven  ….. why  …. so our spouse can see, glorify and love our anatomy

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        • Your synopsis is vert astute: perfect example is .. why in public are erect nipples or male erections so shunned? DW’s when cold, or walking down food store freezer isles commonly get erect nipples – and feel compelled to hide them. How many times do DH’s ( or teens) become erect and feel required to cover up? Why ….  it’s pure physiology, it happens to each and every one of us (for generations past, present and future) yet always an embarrassing situation..why?  Why can’t our society accept this, respect it and not shun it??

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