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  • We were virgins when we got married, but we made out, I squeezed her behind, and once she lay on top of me so we could see what it was like.  I regret some of that stuff.  We should have gone with the no-intense-physical contact stuff.

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  • My wife said she felt like the Lord wanted her to do an extended fast, 21 days (one meal usually), and she doesn’t like to have sex while fasting.  I didn’t want to hinder her intercessory prayer ministry.  She’ll be praying about stuff going on.

    COVID crisis has not been sexy time for us.

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  • I read on a webpage that kegels did not exercise the muscles right and that doing squats helped.  My wife is a from a country that has squat toilets, where people sit on the floor.  If we were still in that environment, we would probably do those exercises more.  I thought I’d through that out there.  Just squat all the way down many times a day as an exercise and that might help.

    But I do think there is a benefit to kegels, even if combining them with squats could help lengthen the muscles and be good for overall tone.

    When I was young and we first got married, things were so tight and I had to struggle to hold off.  My wife has given birth to our four children, and I’m not as sensitive as I used to be.  So her doing some kegel weigh exercises sounds like it could be helpful.  But I would like to know if she gets any benefits out of it?

    Does it help her sexual experience any?  Does it feel better?  She’s not leaking uirine when she sneezes as far as I know, or anything like that.  Does it increase her sex drive?  Okay, that one is for me.  I’d like her chasing me around for sex all the time.

    My wife’s doing an extended fast now, so this would have to wait until later, but maybe I could guy the weights in the meantime.  What  are the proper weights for each of them to start out?   Is there one with a hook on it that you could connect to a basket and put heavier stuff in it when you work up to the advanced levels?  I don’t know if my wife would go for weights in the first place.  I think I’ll suggest a basket of bricks just to see her reaction…a topic to raise after her fast.

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  • Good for you.  The best time to have an orgasm (for some women) is right after another orgasm.  They can build in intensity.  If he’s willing, he can keep playing with you after one.  Just relax and enjoy the ride.  If it doesn’t happen again, that’ s fine, no pressure.

    I think this might be something you can learn to receive.  You may learn to tense certain muscles, relax your mind, and after a while, it could be a normal part of life.

    I was giving my wife orgasms within the first weeks of marriage.  We were virgins.  Everyone is different.  But I’d play with her for a half hour leading to one orgasm after another.  She’s want to quit.  I’d tell her she needed more and she’d let me keep on going.  need to dedicate some time and attention and be willing when he wants to play, if he is.  If he can get you into that mode, let him wear you out to train your body to orgasm and just get you used to it so it won’t be a bit stressful thing to have one.

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  • Queen bed Asked 4 days ago in MARRIED SEX.

    Yes, we clean up.  We either shower or wash our privates afterward.  My wife usually has an orgasm to expel semen at the end.  We aren’t trying for a baby and she says it doesn’t smell good if it stays in there after a few days.  (blush.)   I shower or wash certain parts afterwards.

    My wife will sometimes just wipe her hands off and then use her phone or ipad after a handjob, something I wouldn’t  like.  But I don’t usually use her electronic devices.  I wash myself.

    My wife is a squirter, so I bought several pieces of plastic from the cloth section of walmart, the kind of stuff you can cover furniture with.  We put a towel or other cloth on that and lay her on it when we have sex.  That way, when she squirts, it doesn’t wet the bed.  We just take the cloth and the plastic mat with us to the show.  We used to use a rubber diaper changing mat back after one of the babies got done with it.  I saw the plastic, and that works fine.  We can wash the mat and the towel off in the shower and hang it on the shower curtain to dry.  The mat usually dries in a matter of hours.

    For handjobs, I get the mat and when I get ready to ejaculate, she points the tip toward the mat on my belly.  I put tissue on that to catch the fluid.  Sometimes I request she keep stroking a bit after ejaculation, but I don’t like the texture of semen mixed into the lube.  Ejaculating on the plastic mat takes care of that.

    My wife is not really into OS, giving or receiving.  She’s got kind of a toothy mouth and sensation wise, it just never really did much for me, though she used to enjoy receiving back in the day.  We’d wash our faces and rinse our mouths.

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  • Queen bed Asked 4 days ago in Activities & Items .

      I was working in a country that did not have sex toys, as far as I knew, back in my 30s.  I went overseas, and bought a few things.  Maybe I got my wife a vibrator we could use during sex.  I saw a penis pump.  It was cheap.  I tried it a little.  It was a pretty cheap one.

      I didn’t have any erectile issues and I was getting it to see if I could get more girth to see if my wife would enjoy it.  The penis skin is like it has soft fluid under it.  It doesn’t get harder.  And the extra girth subsided soon after being removed.  I don’t know if I tried it with a penis ring or not.

      But this was a cheap device.  Maybe there are some men who get some ‘permanent gains’ doing this a lot.  I would be concerned about rupturing blood vessels if I went with something really intense.

      It did not feel pleasant to use it.

      I could see how if a man had difficulty getting an erection, a pump and a ring might help.

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    • Queen bed Asked on March 27, 2020 in MARRIED SEX.

        My wife has probably had an ‘O’ in 30 seconds when we were using a vibrator during intercourse, but if that happens, she usually just getting started, and not yet satisfied.

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      • Queen bed Asked on March 27, 2020 in Theology of Sex .

          Paul wrote in Romans 6 not to yield your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin.  Members are parts of the body.  In Matthew, Jesus said that he that looks at a woman IN ORDER TO lust after her, hat committed adultery with her already in her heart.

          That word for ‘lust’ shows up in the LXX Greek translation used back then in ‘thou shalt not covet’ in the ten commandments.

          There is some volition there. A man looks.  He puts forth some effort, or at least yields his eye.  If a naked woman falls through the roof into his field of view, that’s not a sin.  If he then decides to gaze upon her naked form to desire her, that’s wrong (that would be a painful situation for the person being gazed at.)

          James says that when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin, and sin when it is finished, bringeth forth death.  When the process starts, it is possible to nip it in the bud before it turns to sin.  Paul says to make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.  There is a propensity in us to desire things we should not– and lusting for sex is not the only lust, btw.  But we are not to yield to these fleshly desires.

          With every temptation, there is a way of escape.  Men do not have to look with lust.  They do not have to sin.  The urge does seem to decrease to some extent with age.  The Bible warns about youthful lusts.  Certain lusts are more of a temptation in youth, and I think sexual lusts are foremost when it comes to that.

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        • Why don’t you stick it in right before having sex with her so you can ‘blame’ the pleasure on sex with her– assuming your ailment is not preventing intercourse.

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        • Seeking an emotional connection through sex after a heated argument seems to me like a male thing to do.  We feel connected through sex.  Also, sexual desire and ‘pressure’ for men, especially young men, doesn’t go away because of an argument.

          And it does feel unfair to a man if, from his perspective, the wife gets all upset for no good reason, then cuts him off from sex to get back at him for her getting upset for no good reason.

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