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  • Fell out of ... Asked on November 29, 2019 in Activities & Items .

      We have something called a Yoga Stretch Relaxation Chaise which we keep in a room with other exercise equipment.  The key is getting something narrow enough that either one of you can straddle it comfortable.  We don’t use it all that much but it is pretty amazing when we do.  Lots of positions become very comfortable on the chaise and there are other positions that couldn’t happen without it.

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    • Fell out of ... Asked on November 26, 2019 in Activities & Items .

        We like Pink Water and Sliquid H2O. Both are water based so safe with toys but will require repeated applications for extended sessions. CO is goo too.

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      • Yes, depending on the position (but mirrors can help!) we both love to watch each others facial expression and hear each others sounds at the moment of orgasm(s).  One of the big reasons why we don’t strive for simultaneous orgasms and rarely do 69!

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      • Fell out of ... Asked on November 24, 2019 in Oral Sex.

          Mostly just enjoy! Sometimes my hands stroked through his hair but not guide him. More often, I’m playing with my breasts/nipples or just have my arms above my head moaning.

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        • I’ve used restraints a few times on my husband and, much more frequently, I’ve been restrained.  We have the simple “four-corners” restraints that we’ve used both face up and face down.  We also have the ones where ankles and wrists are all connected together, again both face up and face down.  And we have a spreader bar for that one too.  The ones we have are quite comfortable with padded cuffs held on with velcro.

          We use them several ways — for edging and for regular PIV sex.  Here’s a helpful hint:  Get side tie panties so that you can start with them on yet remove them without the need to undo the restraints.

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        • Fell out of ... Asked on November 22, 2019 in Question of the Day.

            Thanks to the encouragement and support of my wonderful husband, I have become a LOT more vocal — moaning, other sounds, words and even screams — during sex.  And it has really intensified the experience for both of us.  My husband is a man of fewer words than me but he will make lots of sounds, especially as he is close to orgasm.  I love all the feedback I get from him.  It helps me to become a better lover/wife.

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          • Fell out of ... Asked on November 22, 2019 in No Category.

              Hi Marge.  Welcome!!!  Love have an experienced woman sharing and learning with us all.  Glad you are here!

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            • Fell out of ... Asked on November 21, 2019 in Question of the Day.

                I have and it’s incredible.

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              • We don’t use the word “ravished” but there are times when I just want my husband to take control, to do with me and to me what he wants and needs.  I say that only because I completely trust him with my body.  It’s sort of being submissive but certainly not in a BDSM kind of way nor in a  kneeling-with-a collar on way either.

                When I find myself in that mood, I will text him “I’m yours tonight!” and we both know what that means.  When he gets home, he checks that I haven’t changed my mind (we have signals for that too) and then what happens next is totally up to him.  This usually only happens every several weeks but it is so nice to surrender to him when I do.

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              • Fell out of ... Asked on November 19, 2019 in Activities & Items .

                  Agree with SeekingChange.  Many women just like something intended for internal use but not necessarily a realistic dildo.  Are you looking for realistic looking as well as realistic feeling?  should it be flexible?  Do you want one that vibrates too?  What size and shape are you looking for?  These questions will likely help you narrow down your choices.  And yes, silicone ones are much, much better IMHO!

                  I can tell you what I like but that isn’t to helpful I would guess.

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