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  • On the floor Asked on February 20, 2020 in Activities & Items .

      Sounds like fun…but I don’t think my bonus daughters will appreciate seeing their mom continuing to add beads to her neck and a decreasing number around mine. ROTFL!!!!

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    • On the floor Asked on February 20, 2020 in Question of the Day.

        Bday sex? Absolutely. DW is great about that. On her bday? That’s up to her.


        Songs? Got to be something with a mood & groove.

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      • On the floor Asked on February 19, 2020 in Body Parts & Care (Shaving, penis/breast size, tats/piercing).

          LOVE IT! Bought my wife some lingerie for the first time in marriage that I wanted to see her in…and two of the sets involved garter & thigh highs. WOW!!!

          I still enjoy seeing her in good jeans and a t-shirt or sweater in the Fall but I’m all for her going commando, especially at night!!! 😀

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        • On the floor Asked on February 18, 2020 in PROBLEMS.

            MQ, here’s another thought…besides more foreplay, what about taking turns and/or mutual stimulation as you continue? Sometimes DW & I will start with making out and cuddling, massage touching, then moving on to her focusing on me in various forms, may or may not be with me touching/stimulating her, then focusing on moving her to O (again, maybe her helping me along some during her time), bring her to O, then PIV (maybe in multiple positions depending on how we feel and/or I’m progressing.

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          • On the floor Asked on February 18, 2020 in PROBLEMS.

              I do have question, it isn’t clear, are you talking about PIV or foreplay? If you’re talking PIV, then that’s a lot to ask of a man. If you’re talking about foreplay, then I guess I don’t fully understand your husband. I find great joy and pleasure seeing my wife get turned on and having an O so I’m not sure if he’s just being a selfish lover and needs an attitude adjustment OR if there are ways to speed up your physical & mental processes…OR both? BUT I can imagine that it doesn’t help you letting go and enjoying the process if you feel stress & pressure to “hurry up” and finish. I know at my age, it doesn’t help me to get to feel that way (and not because my wife is disengaged or adding that because she doesn’t).

              A few questions:

                • a vibrator?
                • Would masterbation by yourself earlier in the day or before your husband gets involved so the recovery period is lessened for you?
                • What is your mindset? Is there a way to increase your sexual thoughts throughout the day that would allow for heightened mental readiness?
                • What is your emotional connection to your husband like?  (From my experience and understanding, the stronger the emotional health of the individuals and the relationship, the greater the desire sexual union.)
                • Have you had times of sexploration? Times set aside for discovering what is pleasurable. (May need to be done by yourself AND with your spouse.)


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            • On the floor Asked on February 18, 2020 in MARRIED SEX.

                For my wife, it is important that I keep #4,3 & 7 in mind. With my work schedule and now her school schedule and stressors plus HS kids’ sports, when she doesn’t get her #4 fill, things can easily get sideways with my drive still high…and despite DW enjoying sex and maybe being a HD spouse too (at least more than some in our church circles). 😁😁😁

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              • On the floor Asked on February 17, 2020 in Question of the Day.

                  The first night…all sorts of activities that I thought would never happen in my life (especially after my first marriage)…growth and experimentation as my DW and I have grown over the past three years of marriage and sexual exploration in our MB. Wake up sex in the morning…in the middle of the night…DW’s passionate desire at certain times of peak hormones after an apparent mind-blowing O for her.

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                • I’m sorry you’re going through this. It is awful and I can only imagine the loneliness, lack of support and no where to go.  Prayer and SOLID, CHRISTIAN counseling is a must. There’s no way you can be a supportive wife during this “transition” and the rest of your marriage because he AND your marriage would not be honoring God. I’m not saying get a divorce right now…I am saying, you need help setting healthy boundaries AND try find quality CHRISTIAN counseling to help your husband process what is going on internally and “why now?” AND to help you do the same.  Whether or not this will help and stop the mental/emotional issues going on inside of your husband is yet to be determined.

                  Also, as Duchess mentioned, birth control is a must because bringing a child into this craziness is NOT a wise move.

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                • I’ve always told me wife that her outer beauty got my attention but her inner beauty kept it. Wife is the same way, her breasts shrink within the first few lbs. of loss. And she always wishes she could chose where she lost her weight ‘cause she’d pick a few other areas instead and leave the “twins” alone.

                  She wants reassurance about her beauty and your love being more about her, than her body & breasts. I would also assume that women with mastectomies would have some of the emotions, needs and reassurances so there is probably stuff on the internet you could find.

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                • On the floor Asked on February 16, 2020 in Intercourse (PIV) & Positions.

                    As you age, sometime sex happens without the O so you just enjoy the connection. Many times DW will also offer again that night or next day to “make up” for the missed O.

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