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  • 7keto and DHEA supplement. try it. week to 10 day result. Might lose weight too.

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  • King bed Asked 15 hours ago in Question of the Day.

    My MIL was on her third marriage. Her philosophy was that my wife/girlfriend needed to date many guys in order to find the right person. (though MIL own dating resulted in highly abusive husbands) So, as months went by, her mom repeatedly told her that she needed to date more guys and my wife/girlfriend told me this. After another couple of months this was repeated by MIL to the point that my wife/girlfriend was getting anxious. So…I said this, “At what point do you stop dating? is it on date # 15, #25? Or do you stop dating at some clever point and marry that guy? if you feel the need to date other guys, you are free to do so, however, you are my girlfriend and I like you and love spending time with you, I will not look for other dates.” Needless to say, she never did date others and fell in love with me and ended the MIL philosophy of dating many people to “find the right person.”

    MIL was sort of correct though. Later I would become a very poor provider as a husband.

    My own parents were not happy that as catholics I brought home a protestant.

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  • King bed Asked 2 days ago in Question of the Day.

      Well, me but I need to hear her in order for me to slow down at a high stimulation point so she can O in a much bigger way. If I’m not listening and just stay at the same speed of stimulation, she does what I call “trickle O.” Not good. If she does big O because I slowed my movement down just seconds before…the O lasts over a minute…then I’m a hero.

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    • King bed Asked 2 days ago in SIN.

        As I said above, this trust in the lord is all good but if you are into porn and telling him about “laying it down at the Lords feet,” you are going to lose. Now in my experience, there has always been that one story about “the guy who trusted God and He just took all the temptation away and lived happily ever after.” Except, that was one person. The majority of men out there longing for great sex, fall into a pornographic world and end up leaving the church because the church won’t address the overlaying sexual problem of sexual fulfillment in marriage. Men need answers and we need to address them!

        If you guys are using the rhetorical, “lay it down,” or “you need to be broken,” you are going to multiply the wounded!

        Say it like it is! what do these statements mean in real life, real world sort of language! I spent 8 years unemployed!! Spent time in the Bible, in prayer, my wifes friends, relatives, church folk all praying for me. I never got the job I needed and even now the job I had was part time! (we found another solution though) What I needed from church people at the time was not prayer for a job…but really, we ALL should pray to start, always! What I needed was all these people to talk to friends and colleagues about getting me to an interview to a real job! Right??

        So, what our brother needs here is real, 24 hour answers so he can get by with one day without sin and explicit web sites. We need to battle this. The enemy has already calculated his next move. Are we all ready for it? The enemy kicked my rear many times but I defeated him. Many before me have done the same, but assuredly none were from my church and it is a huge church.

        My advice is simple and gives step by step solutions for daily habits. Not every strategy is perfect but we can adjust. Lets do it.

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      • In the past, internet posts were nonexistent. Women did what they did or not and no one knew of any problems unless a therapist or close friend was involved. Now we can see polls and opinions and often solutions, which is great but I personally find myself “unloading” here. Part of me including others here above, are reaching out to find a solution. Time is important because every day we as individuals see our partners and hope for that “connection.” Hoping our spouse means it when they say, “I love you.” We’re looking for the right verbal statement or method or…anything to move us along because continued lack of sexual fulfillment has  several outcomes:

        a) divorce.

        b) counseling with/without success.

        c) find solution that you both work on or the gatekeeper works on and then great sex results. (example: gatekeeper starts hormone treatment or vitamins/minerals/herbs treatment.)

        d)  You find no solution and just live in depression the rest of your life.

        e) You get an expensive hobby or a busy hobby that you do alone because connection requires a physical contact and a hobby does not replace intimacy.

        f) Something sinful. (porn or adultery) In this case you still cannot blame the gatekeeper.

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      • King bed Asked 4 days ago in Other (Other non-sexual marriage issues.).

          Yes. Kitchen remodel, yard remodel, garage shelf construction, lotsa garbage and cardboard. Special needs kids who make messes but cannot be trusted to clean it up. Our life in a nutshell.

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        • King bed Asked 4 days ago in Question of the Day.

            I have numerous models and actresses that I think are incredibly cast. For those who don’t know what that means; they act along with make-up, camera angle and light to create a great effect. Models are the same but they are chosen to be in their profession and being trim and thin (my favorite) they retain their jobs as long as they stay beautiful. Pictures are brushed to smooth out spots, wrinkles and spots on skin but get serious, you gotta have a base look to be in the photo shoot to begin with. Liberal, non christian politically outspoken models and actresses cause me to dislike and avoid them.

            Male actor-action hero types I like but again if they are outspoken against Christianity or they use profanity too much in public, I have a certain disdain for them. Also, many actors go on a one year workout with a paid trainer to get certain actors into shape for certain films. Brad Pit is one of them. After the particular film, the actor stops working out. The Rock, as we call him, is always working out and during all this lockdown he is conversing with his fans on Instagram as if we all have elaborate gym equipment in our homes and condos. I call this “out of touch with reality.”

            Its enough that I see a movie and I hate a character, love them or think they are drop dead sexy, therefore I was entertained and that’s enough, move on.

            Actors live on a different planet and have a different world view as a result. I remind myself this all the time.

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          • No.

            Not interested.

            Doctors say that there are no pleasure nerves for her in that area so that just makes it even less desirable to me.

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          • King bed Asked 4 days ago in Question of the Day.

              To be sudden and spontaneous you need:

              a) no kids, drop in guests or other friends or family that live with you or visit without notice.

              b) you have the stamina and interest to do so as it is rare that couples both want it at the same time and “suddenly” for that matter.

              c) don’t mind sweaty, dirty or body odor moments when you don’t plan to be at least some-what cleaned up.

              d) if spontaneous means sex where you are, you would need privacy and a comfy spot to lay or whatever.

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            • I suggest you buy her a new shaver. Or and electric one or…

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