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      I’m perhaps old school in that I was taught “You can’t spell geek without double E”.

      No, neither of us is an EE (electrical engineer), though some of my training overlaps, and I can talk some of the language (phasors anyone?) However, according to Wikipedia, geek as pejorative means “peculiar person, especially one who is perceived to be overly intellectual, unfashionable, boring, or socially awkward”. I think that fits both Zelda and I to a T.

      “Fandoms” we would be considered as following:

      1. Marvel movies (MCU)…we have seen them all and own all but The Hulk
      2. Star Wars (Zelda has become a huge sequel trilogy fan)
      3. Harry Potter (don’t remember as much on this as we used to)
      4. Pokémon, at least lately because of the kids…I play the Pokémon trading card game against my oldest almost daily (you may think you know Pokémon, but unless you can tell me about a Pokémon like Sylvally, you aren’t)
      5. Nintendo stuff in general, though we play a small fraction that normal “gamers” might
      6. Star Trek just for me (TNG, DS9, and VOY mostly)

      Overall, I probably associate more with nerd than geek. I was writing HTML code before the internet was cool. I played and made computer video games before they were so mainstream. And I still completely nerd out on any topic like this. Zelda’s manifestation is a bit different, as she prefers mostly written work (published fiction or fanfiction). We both loved Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and spent tons of hours playing it in 2017.

      Oh, and we have a small ownership stake in a local card/game shop. They occasionally do geeky things like a Harry Potter Yule Ball for Christmas, murder mysteries, etc.

      As to your follow-up questions, we don’t really play into the roles that much. However, I will start in occasionally with my Kylo Ren voice and say “Hey Rey, I’m ForceTiming(TM) you again…” This makes for a lot of fun, particularly when I/we are in the shower and I add in something about ForceTiming(TM) from the shower with my shirt off, so be careful not to get wet. Only other thing I can think of was accidental, when recently she was stuck on a plateau and struggling to ascend to an O. She said something about what she felt (for our ears only, not repeating it), and all I said was ( ), not at all like Han Solo (at least not intentionally), but it somehow pushed her over the edge into her O. Women and what pushes them over the edge…something  I’ll never understand.

      Wow I typed a lot, gotta stop that.


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    • Fell out of ... Asked 4 hours ago in Question of the Day.

        Well this isn’t a case of “holding my tongue”, but one where I should have “held my tongue”.

        My supervisor and I were having a 1:1 phone conversation concerning starting R&D on a few new potential products. He wanted to make the point that proper planning right at the start can avoid catastrophic failure in the final stages, so he was giving some examples of bad things he’s seen over the years (e.g. stabilizing a drug with a compound known to be highly toxic to the liver, and its toxicity is so well known a Google search pulls it up easily).

        He started his final example by saying “probably the worst one was…” and proceeded to talk about this skin product that needed very good/intimate contact with the skin in a fine powdered form. The researchers had decided for their testing, and thus, for their official protocol/instructions for use, that they needed a guaranteed way of pulverizing the product into the skin. My supervisor’s description of what they were doing/using started started sounding eerily familiar, he then mentions that it’s a powerful back/muscle massager. I think “oh gosh, no way”. He then says [regarding taking their work and moving towards the next step] “I had never heard of the massager they were using/recommending, and I needed to write up an official description for the FDA submission, so I looked it up with Google, find out it’s primarly used as a sex toy, and start seeing all sorts of things I don’t want to! I can’t remember what it was called though…”

        I then blurt out “Oh, you’re talking about the Hitachi Magic Wand!” Then I instantly realized what I had done…

        He immediately shouts “That’s it, the Magic Wand!”

        There was some awkwardness right after that, and I was insanely embarrassed, but we muddled through the rest of the meeting intact. Zelda got a HUGE laugh when I told her the story that night, and she knew exactly what was going to happen when I got to the point of him not remembering the name of the product…

        Oh, and it makes Zelda and I really wander how the meeting at Hitachi went down where they had to internally announce that their product was primarily used as a sex toy and they wanted to remove their company name from it. We’ve had all sorts of jokes about that–anywhere from the women in the room blushing and twiddling their thumbs to many of the employees offering to take the discontinued product off the company’s hands to “help avoid disposal costs.”


        (Full disclosure–we’ve never used a Magic Wand.)

        (Edited: typo)

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      • I am confused, as you just did post. Am I missing something?

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          My former boss and still friend used to live just down the road from there and still has family in that general area. I’ll ping him and see if he has any recommendations.


          ETA: Is it just you two, or are the kids coming along too?

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        • Fell out of ... Asked 1 day ago in Question of the Day.

            By this definition, no. We haven’t flown much, and since most of our marriage has included young children, it hasn’t happened. But lets be honest, it would probably never happen anyway (and it would be me opposing it).

            But…if you’re talking about mile-high elevation and not altitude, then we’ve got it covered. 😛


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          • Fell out of ... Asked 1 day ago in Places to go & things to do .

              As @luvabug99 said, we might need more information to go on. We didn’t do much vacationing growing up (couldn’t afford it), and certainly don’t now, but here are some options:


              Amusement Parks

              Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari: Amusement+water park in southern IN (possibly too far west for you?)

              King’s Island: Amusement+water park in a northeastern Cincinnati suburb.

              Cedar Point: Roller coaster capital of the world in northern Ohio (possibly too far north for you?)

              I was going to suggest Indiana Beach, but it looks like it was announced just 9 days ago that it is permanently closed. 🙁


              Natural Areas

              Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area: Natural area located in southwestern KY (possibly too southwest for you?)


              I think that’s it off the top of my head. Pretty standard stuff that is well known in the area, but maybe it’s useful?


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            • 1 – We do not engage in chastity play, so the other questions are N/A.

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            • Very glad to hear that SC, even if you’d already given a preview of it in the positions discussion thread.

              The “control” thing is a bit of a gray area. In my opinion, it’s not something to worry about here much, as you seem to have submitted/conceded control in so many areas to your husband that really what you’re doing is just ensuring that you’re protected here. I still gather that he’s “initiating” most of the time, you’re letting him lead you into sexual pleasure/relations, and even your preferred position is one where you have very little control (particularly given your size difference). It’s not like you’ve demanded to go to no more than 3x/week or something, and honestly I’m guessing that even you are surprised at your desire sparking without dropping the frequency as significantly as you expected was required.

              I think this quote says it more than anything:  “I am enjoying sex with my husband again!”  It wasn’t about control more than a physical, mental, and emotional need.


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            • Fell out of ... Asked 4 days ago in Question of the Day.

                I’m a bit surprised at the range of answers to this QOTD.

                For us, this is not something I’ve initiated much in the post-having-kids era (the last decade), though we did partake more in the early days. However, I did engage in it once last summer shortly before my vasectomy. And more recently, just last month, I had several days in a row where I needed to work past midnight but still be in top form the next day. Zelda made it clear that she was available to help me out in the middle of the night even though she was on her period.

                Well, on the last night I had to stay up really late working, I didn’t get to bed until 1:15 or so. After laying in bed for 30 min unable to wind down, I started thinking about her offer and got aroused. After another 30 erect minutes, I gently started waking her. She was very slow to wake, but it was clear she would participate. I asked if she wanted the vibe to make it a dual session, and the answer was no (she was clearly out of it). But as we went along she got more and more awake and simultaneously more and more into it, making it a super-fun session. The next day she was all happy about it and talked about how enjoyable it was, so I asked why she said no to the vibe…she didn’t remember me asking but thought it’d have been great to incorporate! Lesson learned for next time!

                Man, might have to try this more often…thanks Elevation!


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                  In case you’re curious, here’s a list of 10 of their more popular songs:



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