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  • Twin bed Asked on November 30, 2019 in All Things Anal (This section is "how to" not "is it okay?").

      Hope does one fully empty out? I know some do enemas and some skip it saying it causes more mess/presence.

      I feel like I can never get clean. I wipe so much and have used baby wipes etc. I always clean in the shower but if I know we are going to be intimate I have inserted a finger tip to clean the ‘entrance’ but still don’t feel fully clean unless I shower but even then I have noticed the presence of residue on me. It is so frustrating as I am not being lazy with cleaning! I feel like I spend so much time cleaning up for just a regular day and never feel clean.

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    • I will share I can get multiples (only through dh stimulating my clitoris but I normally have to ‘push through’ a super sensitive time (and sometimes it is too much so we stop) to get my body to continue onto another one. If we stop my body is done with orgasims most times so I need to push through it if we want a second one. Sex after an orgasim is amazing for me. Hope this helps!

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    • Twin bed Asked on November 29, 2019 in OFF TOPIC.

        Married for 15 years. One young child that took longer than we had hoped to conceive.
        Struggling with all the new things that come with having a child and marriage. Trying to stay intimate. I was a HD female and now I have almost no drive. I am wiped out and that is not top of my list as I just don’t have the energy. DH has been LD but my drive has tanked so much he is feeling the gap.

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      • Twin bed Asked on November 28, 2019 in OFF TOPIC.

          I was only a lurker. There was so much good info there! Ugh. So sad.

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