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  • Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked 15 hours ago in Prayer Needs/Praises (Any and all prayer request and praises.).

      There is no way I would sign this letter.

      Those that wrote the letter are those seeking to establish outdoor services to meet their sacramental needs.  That is not a requirement for the church as the scripture.  It comes from their church.  Be aware that their church internationally has already dispensed a waver to that requirement for them.

      Jesus said, “those that live by the sword will die by the sword,” in context to Peter’s violent action in the garden.  The principle holds true with regard to engaging with a virus that could kill us.  If we engage with this virus we, our family, and our neighbors will be at risk.


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    • Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked 2 days ago in Question of the Day.

        No, never have.  It has never been a desire of my DW.  That took a few years for me to understand and then accept.  It finally dawned on me as to why she was this way when I eventually read Shannon Ethridge’s book, “The Sexually Confident Wife.”  Shannon speaks of time in her marriage when she greatly wanted her husband to “take her, sexually.”  After some time. her repeated requests and his repeated rejection of the idea, he responded to her with a statement something like, ‘you have no right to ask for something that you had no right before God to be involved with.’  Understand that she said that she had over 50 sexual relationships before she got right with the Lord and then got married in her 20’s.  I would say that although I understood what making out was from my adolescence, and even had certain desires, she had no such experience.  As far as she was concerned, she was simply doing what was on the table of sexual preference, and that did not include make out sessions, from her experiences.

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      • Prior to marriage in the year and a half of dating and engagement period, we did not have sex or was there any heavy petting.  We did no drugs or alcohol.  I was a six-year convert and she had known the Lord since a child.  There were a couple of times I did kiss her on the neck and that brought everything to a stop, we said good night and I went home.  Well, it’s not as though  I couldn’t feel that there was more to want it at the time.  But, it was the Holy Spirit, it was with great anticipation of a coming wedding night, it was our commitment to the Lord, the responsibility before our families, etc., that guided us.    I was annoyed at the time that she would not kiss for more than 10 seconds before coming up for a break, and that worked to keep us thinking and not just doing.  But, I got over that.

        Now the years after marriage were awful sexually speaking in critical ways, and I often wondered if it was the same church upbringing/teaching that led us to our premarital engagement experience.  I’m not ungrateful for it but I do recognize that our struggles were just different than others and every bit as deeply a part of our own sinfulness.

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      • Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked 5 days ago in None of The Above.

          I do not believe that the hundred thousand adolescent and twenty somethings have enacted social distancing in America.  I learned recently that some in my church were still having social lunches up into last week.  No – though I have no inside information other than knowing a sinner is hungry for more sin – the dregs of our society are still practicing their prostitution at all economic levels.  I do know that the film industry is shut down.  Until the fear becomes real and personal there will be no change with the simple requirement of social distancing for most.

          Change, no, those that do not wash their hands, and that would be most, will not change.  And so it will go with so many until fear becomes personal.  I would hope for personal distancing among all.

          I will tell you though that I have always dreaded the flu and have taken to habits that would reduce and eliminate my risks even with shaking numerous hands on Sundays and through the week.  I will only increase my vigilance.

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        • Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked 5 days ago in Question of the Day.

            While it has been a few months since we last did an impromptu study on the sexual relationship per the Song of Solomon, we do practice that God given blessing and responsibility.

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          • Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked 6 days ago in Question of the Day.

              My biggest challenge would be keeping up, soreness and chaffing.  The mind would be willing but going beyond what we have now would be physically difficult for me.

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            • Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked 7 days ago in Question of the Day.

                I might tell them in the right situation, say that they directly asked.  But as SC says, it would need to be an agreeable situation.  I would be willing to extend myself in many ways.  A certain transparency with my neighbor is important.  However, being at ease to do so would always be difficult for me without the exact prepared words that would meet the need of the moment.  Its like evangelism wherein I always want to be prepared.

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              • Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked on March 31, 2020 in Question of the Day.

                  The first car was a 74 Buick Skylark.  That is because she would not ride in my car.   That skylark was our honeymoon gondola that took us to our chateau of love.

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                • Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked on March 29, 2020 in Activities & Items .

                    You do recognize that you will likely bend the hinges of a door if the latch is not secure.  In all likelihood, the hollow door will probably be damaged with any aggressive bumping.  And those nicely painted doors with their gloss shine or those solid oak wood doors with their stained and lacquered high gloss will become scratched and damaged with this device?  buy the poles and put it over your bed.

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                  • I am not quarantining because I’m in the construction-related field as one of my jobs.  It is the same drive to work and the same drive home, only with no traffic.  Well, trucking is the same.  Meetings are held by conference calls.  Meetings at a construction site involve no contact or exchange of anything.  Most of the day involves writing reports.  It is safe and secure, I am uber careful.  I could go on.  I don’t see neighbors anymore. The family does not come over.  Nothing has changed in our married bed though we have had some great talks about our sex life in these desolate times.    

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