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  • “How common is it for people to experience dramatically different levels of physical pleasure from being in different positions”

    For me I wouldn’t use the word “dramatic” to describe positional pleasure differences but it is definitely significant.

    Pretty much every intercourse position is very pleasureable for me. On a scale of 1-10 almost every position is at least an 8.

    In terms of position types missionary is an 8, WoT is a 9, regular doggy is a 9 and standing doggy is 9.5-10.

    I have noticed that subtle variations in a position can increase the pleasure rating significantly. For example standard missionary is an 8 but if she wraps her legs around my waist and I grab her buttocks while thrusting that increases the rating to a 9.

    Also I can’t fully separate the emotional pleasure from the physical. If we’re doing WOT that means she is into it and that knowledge makes things more enjoyable for me. Also as I have shared before with standing doggy I feel loved and accepted as her man. By assuming the position she is saying SoS 2:17 to me.

    For my wife the difference is a bit more noticeable. She can enjoy missionary, WOT, and standard doggy style but she gets far more pleasure from standing doggy than any other position (in fact the only time she has ever screamed during an O was in this position).

    On a scale of 1-10 most intercourse positions are maybe a 5 depending on her cycle while standing doggy can be 6-10. Where she is on her cycle is a major factor in her physical pleasure.

    “Has anyone tried experimenting with this?”

    Not intentionally. Just observations when trying different positions.

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  • If I am reading your question correctly you are commenting about your husband not being able to get “hints” about sex.

    This is typical for husbands and men in general. Our communication style is much more blunt and direct than a woman’s. We don’t pick up on subtle hints like many women can.

    As you stated in your post the best way to communicate to your husband about sex (and basically any other topic) is the be clear and direct.

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  • On the floor Asked 6 days ago in Activities & Items .

    We don’t do much missionary but when we do I like to watch a bit of the mechanics of PIV, especially initial penetration. DW has tried to watch a couple of times but it is harder for her to see.

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  • If it was me and DW I wouldn’t have posted that picture. Sure, I love touching DWs breasts and I often sneak in a boob squeeze or two in a public setting if I’m sure no one is watching. That said, there is no way I would publicly share a picture of me touching her sexually.

    It is not because I wouldn’t “do it in front of Jesus” which is an absurd contention given that He is seeing everything that goes on. Rather it is out of respect for my wife and keeping our sexual relationship between the two of us.

    Now if Jesus was physically standing there in front of us I think both of us would more focused on, “Holy cow Jesus is standing in front of us” than playing around.

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  • Interesting question. It depends on what you mean by “physically”? If “physically” includes things like mental health then I would choose my wife. Her OCD wasn’t nearly as prevalent back then as it is now and her life was far more enjoyable.

    She is now under the treatment of professionals and is starting to improve, which I am so grateful for. Still, I would give up almost anything if it meant she could be the way she was several years ago and eliminate her suffering.

    If “physically” only includes the physical body and not the mind then I would choose me (and DW would want me to). 25 would have been before my penile injury, not to mention the low testosterone and associated symptoms. I am trying now to increase my T levels with exercise but DW really wants me to see an endocrinologist as my symptoms can take a lot out of me sometimes.

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  • On the floor Asked on August 27, 2020 in Question of the Day.

      The physical features I envisioned changed based on the girl I was sweet on at the time. Overall I would say my “stock future spouse image” was a fun loving girl who liked my nerdiness, was a follow of Christ, about my height or shorter, with medium sized (B or C) breasts.

      My wife matches most of these except for breast size (A). Given how much pleasure her breasts have given me that was definitely not an issue.

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    • On the floor Asked on August 27, 2020 in Question of the Day.

      What is your preferred style of sex?

      I’m gonna go with 2C. Strong, firm, controlled (maybe “a little bit rough”) with passionate, sexy, words with a bit of naughtiness/vulgarity.

      On physicality I almost said 3 but I’m not quite that rough. Still I am pretty passionate (which unfortunately can lead to some PE issues).

      My ideal of hard and fast doggy style sex is ultimately connected with feelings of togetherness and belonging.

      There is a great pageantry in the intiation of this act. Her bending over says to me that she wants me to be her man and is an act of acceptance and trust.

      When I “mount” her I feel loved, accepted, and on top of the world.

      Everytime I thrust hard into her I am telling her with my body that she is attractive and desired (not just physically.)

      When I finish inside her I feel as if I have proclaimed our union in front of the entire world. This woman is loved and no person or negative thought can tell her otherwise.

      The only time this doesn’t really apply is during WOT sex. Its more of a slow grinding motion for us in that position.

      On vocality I find it most arousing to use passionate and descriptive sexual language without going too far with my word choices.

      What is your spouse’s preferred style of sex?

      I would say 2C as well for DW. She is definitely wants strong and firm stimulation when it comes to manual stimulation and intercourse.

      As for vocality she is generally silent or talking about other things until the big O. However, a big part of her arousal is me talking dirty to her.

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    • On the floor Asked on August 12, 2020 in ADMINISTRATIVE.

        I’m having the same issue today. Last night and this morning everything worked fine.

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      • On the floor Asked on August 12, 2020 in Question of the Day.

          For question 1 two positions come to mind.

          A. Standing face to face against a wall.

          Turns out our body types just don’t allow for this. The angle that is needed for entry really prevents it from being enjoyable.

          B. Spooning.

          Again while achievable the angle of entry interferes with the main allure (snuggling and cuddling).

          For question 2:

          Doggy Style (on bed or standing). I didn’t expect it to be bad per se but I had no idea how incredibly pleasurable doggy would turn out to be for both of us. Now our sex is almost exclusively doggy style.

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        • On the floor Asked on August 10, 2020 in Question of the Day.

            Count me in for some out of this world activity on the SpaceX Dragon 2. Nice and cozy and you can’t beat the view out the window.

            RE: QOTD - 8-10-2020-If you could have sex any place in the universe where would you?

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