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  • On the floor Asked on July 30, 2020 in Activities & Items .

      “What is your favorite thing (thing meaning position, act, etc.) to do TO your wife in TMB?”

      There’s so much I love doing to my wife. From fondling her breasts and butt to deep French kissing to oral breast stimulation to intercourse there is so much to enjoy and pleasure to be had for both of us.

      The top 2 acts that come to mind are…

      1. Manually stimulating her clitoris. I love the feel of her clitoris and the pleasure that my stimulation of it brings DW. If my hand didn’t get tired and she didn’t get overstimulated after a while I don’t know if I could ever stop rubbing it.

      2. Taking her hard in doggy style. I’ve said it many times before on the forum but nothing beats the physical and emotional pleasure of doggy style sex for me.

      Also intense doggy style sex gives my wife the most stimuation during intercourse. I have almost gotten her to an O using this position without concurrent clitoral stimulation but unfortunately I reach PONR before that can happen.

      “What is something you would love to do to/with her that she won’t do?”

      This is more a both of us decision but I would like to have sex without a condom between us. That means a possibility of baby though and now is not the time for that.

      “What’s your favorite thing she does to you?”

      Hands down when she presses her breasts into my chest while standing and rubs them up and down my chest. Even through clothes it feels glorious and I can easily climax if she continues stimulation.

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    • On the floor Asked on July 27, 2020 in Question of the Day.

        Ideal time for readiness (from when we start preparations till we get in bed): 15 mins

        Right now because of DW’s OCD, her emotional state, and preparation of birth control methods it can take 45 mins to an hour to get ready for sex. I hope that in the future as her treatment progresses we might get that down to 10-15 mins.

        Ideal time for foreplay: ~18 mins

        DW can get aroused pretty quickly (especially with a vibrator) so we usually spend 5-10 mins in foreplay. I’d like to spend a bit more time so that she can O, recover, and be aroused again before intercourse. I would also like to maybe have a little foreplay attention on myself.

        Ideal time for intercourse: 10 minutes (counting lulls in thrusting maybe 15 mins)

        This time period allows for plenty of variation in thrusting (slow, fast, deep shallow, etc.) and also gives enough time to fully enjoy the act.

        Right now I can only do 20 seconds or so of sustained hard and fast thrusting before I ejaculate. I hope to be able to one day last for two minutes or so as it is extremely pleasurable and DW has almost Oed from such thrusting in the past.

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      • On the floor Asked on July 24, 2020 in Masturbation (Married - solo or together).

          Option #2 for me all day long. There is nothing more pleasurable physically or emotionally than doggy style sex (at least for me).

          Another idea for intercourse would be for the husband to sit in an armless kitchen chair while the wife straddles him in WOT.

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        • On the floor Asked on July 24, 2020 in Masturbation (Married - solo or together).

            Fun idea. It can also be continued with activities like…

            1. The wife stimulating herself to orgasm. Having a full view of the wife’s climax is very enjoyable.

            2. Once the wife is fully aroused head to the bedroom for a long sensuous act of lovemaking.

            3. Once the wife is fully aroused the husband can lean her against a piece of furniture, hike the skirt, and take her hard and fast from behind.

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          • On the floor Asked on July 13, 2020 in Question of the Day.

              Just to be clear here what I am talking about is equivalent to sleep-walking. Neither of us are awake.

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            • On the floor Asked on July 6, 2020 in Introduce Yourself.

                Welcome aboard!

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              • On the floor Asked on July 5, 2020 in Infidelity .

                  If you have to send a final message (while in the presence of your husband) letting the other man know in no uncertain terms that your affair is over and to not contact you again. If he persists in trying to contact you change your phone number and email address.

                  One final note on your last post. You stated,

                  “I am simply thinking of him as another human who deserves some type of definite ending to the relationship (a sinful, wrong relationship but a relationship nonetheless) and an apology for my causing him to stumble and sin.”

                  You are not responsible for his sin, only your own. He made a free choice to engage in infidelity. You owe him no apology. Cut off all contact and focus on healing your marriage. Focus on embracing God’s forgiveness and redemptive power.

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                • On the floor Asked on July 4, 2020 in SINGLE.

                    Welcome to the forum MJO.

                    I am so sorry to hear that you were the victim of molestation. For a person to take God’s gift of sex and pervert it by victimizing a child is just awful.

                    I would encourage you to seek out counseling to discuss your feelings about sex and obtain help with seeing sex with your future spouse as something wonderful and beautiful.

                    I understand its hard to share such intimate feelings but doing so is very important to the healing process. While she does not share a history of molestation you and my wife sound quite similar when it comes to sharing emotions.

                    In her case my wife is like Spock and struggles to express deep emotions to any but a trusted few. She has recently been involved in counseling and while it was difficult she has started opening up her emotions. This has helped us to understand why she is the way she is and has brought more understanding and connection in our relationship.

                    As for meeting potential mates I am no dating expert. I just randomly talked to my wife one morning at church and the rest is history. Lol

                    You said that you are in college but your church seems to be made up of marrieds and older adults. Is there another church in the area that has a college group? If you are attending a major university more than likely there are several church college groups around with single men.

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                  • On the floor Asked on July 4, 2020 in MARRIED SEX.

                      It is definitely possible. The height difference can make it hard to hit the correct angle. Sex positions are all about the angles. Even though my wife and I are the same height it took some trial and error to find the right angle.

                      Having her on all fours on the edge of the bed like in this position ( could work.

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                    • On the floor Asked on June 21, 2020 in Chit Chat, Jokes, and More .

                        No naked dancing but we did play around a bit today.

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