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  • It certainly has done us as we’ve gotten older.  I can be horny and in the mood and have it make orgasm harder!  Then not in the mood but of course have sex with hubby anyway and have a great O.  My hip is determined to keep me from almost all positions, my vagina wants to close up shop, LOL (well not really but i have to “medicate” it these days) and it seems like “in the mood” for both hubby and i can rage and fizzle within hours!  Welcome to the “Golden Years”…yeah right…they lied!!

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  • I would add, invite a trusted brother into this situation ASAP. Don’t keep this in the dark, put it into the light, we are not meant to fight alone.

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      We just don’t celebrate it, probably to save money. But i did like it that H told me Happy Valentine’s day 🙂

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        i suppose long/deep and moderate intensity however since menopause, i don’t really get any enjoyment at all out of PIV but love the closeness

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          I love it…. i apply it at night. Every cell in the female body is bathed with estrogen and the vagina is the most greedy, there’s nothing really that can compensate for it however i am testing out DHEA as it’s supposedly is as good as estrogen in treating vaginal atrophy as it turns into either estrogen or testosterone in the tissues (very unscientific explanation)

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        • Sex used to be almost all about the physical for me (although since i am a woman, it’s almost “completely” impossible as it would be very hard to have it just for sex sake) because i hide myself and used to a lot w/my husband and preferred the “animal” type of sex for instance, rear entry..partly because i wasn’t into the emotional connection and shied away from missionary but also it was just raw sex although the body image issue is a huge factor in that position and i just took it to heart that my H didn’t mind all the imperfections.

          Now from the awakening and TMB forum, i’m much different. Rear entry isn’t so much about the emotional disconnect now, just another erotic  position and we do (standing) missionary more although it still really isn’t about intimacy with me (the positions) but the entire act now is.

          I do think it’s vastly different for women than it is for men as obviously we’re emotionally different and much more physically vulnerable in addition to being saddled with image issues

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            Being a woman….pain.  I don’t think i ever stopped sex but make sure to tell him be careful thrusting with his fingers. Also the endurance factor during IC is hard for me with a hip that needs surgery but i don’t stop sex.

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          • Fell out of ... Asked on February 10, 2020 in Question of the Day.

              Our flexible days are over also, we are very limited and just try to focus on the positive, if i could it would be some sort of me sitting on him facing away (having something to grab onto and it all being the right height) that would be erotic i think.

              I’m hoping this link is appropriate, i guess it would be something like this but we don’t have a bench, he would have to have his pelvis tilted more forward i think because of the ED.


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            • I’ve slept on the couch for a year and a half. Started because of my hip, i didn’t know i was bone on bone and was going to physical therapy for months not knowing what was wrong so now it’s a habit, plus my H now has a Cpap and has to sleep in a certain position and it just probably wouldn’t work sleeping together now. It HAS NOT affected our intimacy in and out of bed at all….

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                Dear Wren, you cannot change anyone. They alone have to decide that for themselves as i know you well know. You cannot love or sacrifice enough for someone like that and i know it breaks your heart.  I do believe you should get out while you can to salvage any kind of self worth and dignity and to stop the depression from deepening any further.  Seek  help as soon as you can, i am praying for you 🙁

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