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  • Congrats to you and hubby! I’m guessing this might not be nearly as beneficial to those of us who are not as blessed in the number of encounters. Your results in bold sound ideal to me as a HD husband. Three quality encounters a week and you happily initiate on off days. Congrats again!

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  • Oh wow! The article linked and it’s companion on enthusiasm are exactly what I would want my wife to read and take to heart. No doubt I could use some improvement in these areas as well. I’m a bit hesitant to send them however, as I’ve intimated these kinds of things in the past and it’s not always well received. She has felt at times like she’s not what I need or the dreaded it’ll never be enough that many have heard.

    It’s quite the quandary at times trying to decide when to push for growth rather simply being thankful for what we have. I know for me interest, enthusiasm, and the described responsiveness are the difference between an incredibly fulfilling, intimate, and quality experience vs simply getting off. I can also see how those expectations and desires from the HD spouse can put tremendous pressure on an inhibited or LD spouse.

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  • Hammock Asked 4 days ago in Question of the Day.

      Yes, I gently woke DW up a few times back when we were having sex less than once a week. Usually went pretty well because in my opinion we needed it. Now that we make sure it happens more often it hasn’t been needed in awhile. I would dearly love for my wife to need to wake me up. That would make me feel fantastic! However, she’s a LD and responsive only lady. 🙁

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    • Hammock Asked 4 days ago in Pregnancy and Postpartum.

        I forgot to add that the post birth period was when my wife really upped her oral game for me. Before kids, she was tentative or reluctant and it didn’t happen very often and when it did it was not particularly enjoyable. Somewhere after our second or third during a touched out period she decided to up her game in this area and became much better and even seemed to start to enjoy it herself. Now it’s a regular part of our intimacy.

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      • Hammock Asked 4 days ago in Pregnancy and Postpartum.

          My wife has never had much of a libido. So she has always had to just make herself available/lean into sex. I guess this made post birth sex easier for her than those women who actually have a sex drive otherwise. This situation may actually allow you to grow a bit sexually. It’s easy when you have a strong drive, more work when you don’t, but for the long-term health of the marriage it can be very important.

          My wife also breastfed all four children and had sensitivity/touch issues. Clear communication from my wife helped with this. There were a few times my wife actually became more confident because she actually had larger breasts during this time. Normally she is very small up top. But the bulk of the time they were too sensitive/leaking/ or she was touched out. I was happy to do whatever she wanted with them because we communicated and it was only temporary.

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        • Hammock Asked on February 19, 2020 in Question of the Day.

            1. We have sex at least twice a week, but don’t make a special effort for a birthday. Something about four active kids and their schedules keeps even me as the HD from getting too uptight about any given day.

            2. Can’t think of a song.

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          • Hammock Asked on February 18, 2020 in Theology of Sex .

            Unrealistic expectations and/or comparisons to others!

            As a HD, touch/sex love language man, I think about sex often. I feel loved, fulfilled, and turned on by my wife showing interest, enthusiasm, and great pleasure in the marriage bed. However, a LD, responsive only, very conservative woman is generally not going to be a sex queen.

            Even now with greater understanding of the dynamics at play I still sometimes feel discouraged that our sex life is not ever going to be what I’d like it to be.

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          • Hammock Asked on February 17, 2020 in PROBLEMS.

              My wife usually only Os from manual stimulation from my fingers. Long ago she used to sometimes take awhile and she would say I looked bored. Well….:) What we do now is I get on my knees where I can use one hand to stimulate her while she does oral on me. I can also use my free hand to caress her head, face, and breasts. This definitely keeps me from looking bored. 🙂 I contend her doing oral on me helps her along as well.

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            • Hammock Asked on February 11, 2020 in Children.

                We normally wait until they are in bed and lock the door. There have been a few times recently that the oldest was going to be out later and we let the younger ones watch a movie upstairs so we were able to get it done earlier in the evening. That’s really nice as I seem to lose my drive to initiate when I get sleepy. My wife may not have a drive but she does like for me to be the persuer. 🙂

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              • Hammock Asked on February 11, 2020 in Question of the Day.

                  I’ve had a couple of times where I just wasn’t going to get there and had to stop. I’ve mentioned it before, but if intercourse goes on very long my wife either starts looking bored or in discomfort. If she’s looking bored I need to finish pretty quick or it’s going to get in my head.

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