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  • Both DH and I work 40+ hours a week at our jobs, and we get to be involved in ministry.  To say things are busy – would be an understatement.  🙂


    But, what I’ve realized is that DH loves order.  Nothing (ok, well a couple of things.. ;)….lol) makes him happier than when the house is in order – and that order starts in the garage.  He’s spent the last  2 weeks organizing, installing, painting, and sorting things out there.  He has a vision for the space – and loves being able to find everything.

    And me, his DW, I am the total opposite.  I don’t mind if the bedroom isn’t picked up everyday, if the dishes aren’t done everyday, if the floors aren’t swept everyday.  I see it as – I have a certain period of time to try and fit in what is most needed.  Maybe on Monday, that’s laundry, dinner, and play with the dogs.  Tuesday it might be work on a project for something coming up at church.  Wed… is a ministry night, so it’s a quick bite to eat and off to serve.  Thursdays are maybe some more laundry, a nice long dinner with DH, and sit and talk for awhile….   Etc.

    I do have to say, my DH is so good to me.  He takes care of his work stuff, and packs his own lunch.  I use to get up and do both for him, but he told me I needed the sleep and he would take care of his things.  If laundry get’s backed up, he will help get it done.   Same with dishes.  Dogs.  LIFE!

    All this to say…. a pile of clothes on the floor, or a messy night stand is not going to keep us from each other.  🙂

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  • Queen bed Asked on September 25, 2020 in Question of the Day.

    Butterfly Kisses.

    Still makes me cry – every time.

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  • Queen bed Asked on September 25, 2020 in Prayer Needs/Praises (Any and all prayer request and praises.).

      Praying for you both!

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    • Queen bed Asked on September 22, 2020 in Activities & Items .

        We have the Womanizer, and truthfully, I’ve never liked it.  I need to get it out for solo play and see what the issue is.  When we have used it – it seemed either too soft or too intense – no middle ground.  My DH surprised me with the Womanizer a few years ago, and I know they are not cheap.  Guess I’ve got some homework now.  😉

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      • Queen bed Asked on September 22, 2020 in MARRIED SEX.

          1. What is the one or two things that you really want your spouse to do for you?  Tell me his desires.  He’s good to go with anything – but I want to hear what HE desires.  Surprise me.  Show up at work with flowers, and have it arranged to take me away for a weekend.

          2. Have you tried to communicate that to them?  Yes.  I just asked him the other day, and he said he had to think about it.  He did tell me he’s really happy….so ?   No, I haven’t told him my take me away scenario – but I will now.  🙂

          3. How did it go?  Still waiting…I’ll ask again soon.

          4. Have you asked what your spouse really wants?  He tells me he just wants me to be happy.  I am.

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        • Queen bed Asked on September 22, 2020 in Question of the Day.

          I’d have to say luxury.  The more bells and whistles it has the better!  Heated leather seats,  great speakers, room for 2.  Pick me up and take me away on an adventure.  Love it!

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        • Queen bed Asked on September 20, 2020 in Oral Sex.

            We did this the other evening – on our sides and it was wonderful.  It’s always good when we both are rested, and our “pumps are primed” for love making.  What I like about being side to side is that sometimes he’s going to town and I just take a break and enjoy…then when he lightens up – and I can think again…lol… I get busy on him.  The better he feels the better he makes me feel.   It’s a win-win!

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          • This post made me laugh.   My hubby doesn’t care if I’m sick..he says if he get’s it, he’ll be sick for a day then better (pretty true!).  If I’m sick I’m sick for a couple of weeks.  Just different immune systems.


            The only time I TOTALLY separate myself from DH is when I have stomach flu.  I go to the other end of the house, and only that restroom and spare bedroom.  No one wants the stomach flu – not even the person who has it.  They just want it over.

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          • Queen bed Asked on September 17, 2020 in Intercourse (PIV) & Positions.

              I have low estrogen and I have been having frequent UTI’s.  I can go about a month it seems, and then I get one.  I’m getting better at picking up the early signs now, and get to the dr ASAP, but my goodness, do they hurt!  I was using cranberry gummies (loved), but can’t find them anywhere – so I purchased the cranberry soft gels.  I got choked on one the other night, and now I’m afraid to take them.  (I hate pills!)  But they do help immensely.  I’m going to look for the d-mannose as well – anything that can help I’m willing to do!

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            • Queen bed Asked on September 17, 2020 in Intercourse (PIV) & Positions.

                I think the first point is the most important one. …. Once you are aroused.  Many, many, many times it’s just been being available for DH.  I’m either exhausted, or not feeling well, or just not even thinking of sex.  I hate that those time’s happen, but they do.

                However, when my mind and body are in the game, and I’m aroused.. I love to rub my hands through his hair, watch him, kiss him after he’s done something pleasurable to me….etc.  He puts me first, but I’m learning to slow down the “main event” so that I can go and enjoy his body too.  Sometimes that involves me pushing him over onto his back so I can do oral….or flipping around and getting in position for 69.  DH tells me he loves that I can have multiple O’s, and that he’s happy with just his one O – but that it can feel really good up to that O.  So that’s what I’ve been focused on lately – extending his feel good time.  He also says, me being turned on, turns him on – so again, if I’m aroused, and fully engaged in what we are doing it’s a win – win!

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