Do you and your spouse engage in anal sex?

    Piggybacking off of Jake’s question, I saw the simple “no” answers, and Elevation’s answer “no but interested” I was hungry for a better picture of “if no, why not?”

    So here’s a poll

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    51 Votes
    35% No - Neither of us is interested
    20% Yes
    20% No - I am interested, spouse is opposed
    12% Other: please explain in the answers area
    8% Previously, but not anymore
    6% No - but we've never discussed it
    0% No - Spouse is interested, I am opposed


    • Elevation April 18, 2019

      I”m interested…I haven’t discussed this with the DW. I am also open to pegging.


    • Boywonder April 18, 2019



    • Tsrose April 18, 2019

      We have a couple times, not often by any means. (At least once within a few weeks of child birth when we mutually wanted each other but I wasn’t ready, and it was pleasant than. Its just not usually comfortable, and I can’t get past knowing about all the germs there.


    • Jpops April 18, 2019

      I’m curious about anal play for me, I know Wifey isn’t the least bit curious for her. I don’t know how to bring it up and I doubt she would be willing to try it.


    • Revzwife April 19, 2019

      Dh words would be what ever I am comfortable with. We have never really talked about it and I have been curious but not sure I would like it. I think dh would. Some day maybe


    • New_Wife April 19, 2019

      We try every now and then but it seems that I’ve not been able to take my husband in that way. We’ll keep trying!


    • marriedandlovingit April 21, 2019

      We do anal play almost every time on both of us. We have done anal intercourse a few times. She very much likes anal stimulation and penetration, but she can have trouble “accepting” me. So it is an occasional treat when we are both WELL in the mood.


    • JakeM April 21, 2019

      I love anal sex with my wife but I usually wait until she tells me that she’s wanting it before I engage in it with her. It feels so good for both of us, but she has to be in the mood for it, and it requires a LOT of lube.


    • Slipthegrasp April 29, 2019

      I find that the older I get the less I desire AS. Its not that I’m turned off at the idea as much as I am preoccupied with doing other things that we really enjoy.


    • Empowered May 8, 2019

      My wife enjoys anal sex but we only do it 2-3 times each month.


    • Wheat48 May 9, 2019

      We tried twice, and I didn’t like it. We realized later after doing some reading, we did a really poor job of setting ourselves up for it being good.
      We have been playing externally here and there, and recently got a very small plug, that I didn’t find uncomfortable or painful. I am highly doubtful we will ever get to full anal sex, as I don’t like the sensation of something moving back and forth


    • Crazydaddy May 13, 2019

      Tried several times. DW said it was painful every time and, although she did orgasm during AS, she wasn’t sure it was worth it. For me, the enjoyment was centered around it being taboo. Didn’t find it actually better or worse than PIV. Not worth DW pushing the bounds of her comfort to keep trying. Now we occasionally have a little manual stimulation, but we figure it was an ok experiment and we’ve moved on.


    • cddude July 5, 2019

      No. It is not something we’ve ever agreed on. My wife gets terrified whenever aiming for PIV I accidentally aim the wrong way, and i’m concerned about the health issues.

      I’m definitely interested to try it but it seems the trade-offs aren’t worth it? i’m actually surprised to see some women here that like it. I can see how it might feel good for the man but what would make it good for the woman?


    • rkitek July 10, 2019

      DW is opposed to AS. However, I have been able to slowly begin using fingers (simultaneous 2 in V, 1 in A) while she performs OS. Her O’s are much more intense with A play. Don’t think I will ever get her agree to PIA, but who knows.


    • TonyConrad July 25, 2019

      I’ve never even asked as I sense it would be disgusting for her especially her attitude on germs. It doesn’t appeal to me anyway.


    • lovephotography September 3, 2019

      Yes. We do it every time we have sex. Give and receive.


    • Shybutstrong December 1, 2019

      I was the one interested. Actually thanks to the old TMB showing me it wasn’t wrong and that it wasn’t just ‘for the guy to enjoy’ dh wasn’t for it but because I had interest he said maybe we could eventually try. I left it at that and over the months he opened up to it. We have added some anal stimulation and DH is more and more into it. He had previously read She Comes First at my request and that touches on the anus nerves etc being connected to the clitoris and I think that helped him realize the benefits to both of us. And also helped me to know there is enjoyment for the woman?
      We have not had AS yet but plan to work up to it. Was hoping to get info from the boards to get us going but the old boards were deleted 🙁 hopefully more people are willing to share!


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