Do you like/love how your “parts” look?

    We need encouragement from time to time.

    Tell us, do your really love how

    • your penis (for men),
    • vulva, breast (for women)

    look like? Do your like/love the shape, size and color? Are you proud of them?

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    Results of this poll (This poll was expired)

    71 Votes
    24% I am a man - I like my wife's breast and vulva
    24% I am a man - I like my penis
    10% I am a woman- I like/love my vulva
    10% I am a woman - I don't like my breast
    10% I am a man - I don't like my penis
    7% I am a woman- I like/love my breast
    7% I am a woman- I like my husbands penis
    4% I am a woman -I don't like my vulva
    3% I am a man - I dont like my wife's breast and vulva
    1% I am a woman- I don't like my husband's penis


    • Duchess May 27, 2019

      Either I messed up or the computer did, because one of my choices is showing 0%. Sorry for skewing the results…


    • Tsrose May 27, 2019

      I have no problem with their function. Overall I’d love to lose some weight but I dont put much thought into those parts so I guess I’d say I like them?


    • ShadowSpirit May 27, 2019

      I really don’t care how my vulva looks. I never see it anyway. It’s like asking if I like how my kidneys look.


      • LuckyInLove May 27, 2019

        Lol! I tend to agree with this. Do any women actually spend time looking at it with a hand mirror? I answered that I like mine, only because what’s not to like about it?


        • desertwalker June 7, 2019

          I dont like how mine looks, but that is comparing it to how it looked 5 kids ago and i assure you its not changed for the better!


    • SLS May 27, 2019

      I used to like how my penis looked but now not so much. While it is still functional to a large degree the injury I suffered has caused some deformation that really makes me ashamed to show it to my wife. I try to hide it as much as possible and tend to play down any positive comments my wife has for it.


      • Angler May 28, 2019

        I’m sorry to learn of your injury. Please don’t minimize your wife’s praise for your penis.


    • SongOfAngels May 27, 2019

      Like a LOT of women, i thought my vulva was ugly or something to be ashamed of. But since my “sexual awakening” i’ve come to think of it as extremely erotic. I do NOT think it’s pretty or beautiful at all but i can understand (and BELIEVE) my husband when he says it’s pretty or gets aroused by it and instead of hiding under the covers, i let him see me in broad daylight. Now my breasts are another issue, weight loss has made them nothing like i would like them to look which makes me very sad and i don’t really allow my husband to look at them other than when i’m lying down.

      As far as his penis, i’ve never thought they were exciting to look at 😀


    • Elevation May 28, 2019

      Only by God’s grace, I have learned to accept, love, and appreciate my penis. This wasn’t always the case. I am amazed now at how God created me.


    • Angler May 28, 2019

      Porn use in the past gave me an inaccurate image of what my penis should look like and how it should perform. While I’m not “proud” of my penis, I’m fulfilled in knowing that my wife is quite happy that it is attached to the man she loves.


    • EyeAboveTheStorm June 3, 2019

      As I’ve said elsewhere, past porn use did a lot of psychological damage in my life that I am still recovering from.

      I’ve always found my wife beautiful, but because of so many images of extreme female bodies, I’ve been on a journey to retrain my body to be aroused at my wife’s more average-shaped body. She has a wonderful body and the Holy Spirit is retraining my responses.

      Because porn was the only place I saw nudity prior to marriage (I never slept around or went to strip clubs etc.) I only knew of how porn breasts looked. These are very extreme and misleading.
      I remember thinking my wife’s looked kind of small-average when I first saw them on our wedding night (they are actually D-cup which I believe is usually considered in the large side of the average range) so this shows how damaging my porn use was.

      That said I believe all God creates is beautiful, and that includes my wife’s body. I just needed to be reprogrammed psychologically.

      As for my own body, due to what porn taught me I also felt women needed especially, shall we say, impressive male parts to be happy. However, my wife seems very happy with me just the way I am (average) because she loves me and I am her best friend.

      All I can say is God’s way is the best way and I am learning to find the beauty in what He creates and find sexual arousal through true love and not through being “shocked” or “impressed” by what I see visually.

      Ultimately, I don’t really care about my wife’s breast size or shape as much as I just want them to be healthy. And I don’t care about my “size” as much as I just want everything to work right and help my wife to be satisfied.

      It’s a work in process, but the Holy Spirit is helping us.

      -Eye Above the Storm


    • GeorgeB June 16, 2019

      I am very happy with the way my penis looks–size, shape and function, but I know that I may be in the minority on this. I did use porn for a number of years, but it didn’t affect the way I see myself or the way I see my wife’s body all that much, to be honest. I am thankful for this, for sure.


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