Have you allowed your spouse to shave your genitalia? Or vice versa?

    I think the question explains it.  Have you allowed your spouse to get near your genitals with some form of razor? Or, have they allowed you?

    Anything the answers don’t cover, add in the comments.


    ETA:  I realized I left out an option,  so HUSBANDS, look towards the bottom for another option.  Sorry!

    Under the stars Asked on April 25, 2020 in Polls.
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    50 Votes
    30% I am a HUSBAND, and we have not shaved each other.
    24% Yes, I am a HUSBAND and have shaved my wife.
    20% No. I am a HUSBAND and have not shaved my wife.
    12% I am a WIFE, and we have not shaved each other.
    6% I am a HUSBAND, and we have mutually shaved each other.
    2% Yes, I am a WIFE and I have shaved my husband.
    2% No. I am a WIFE and have not shaved my husband.
    2% I am a WIFE and my husband HAS NOT shaved me.
    2% I am a WIFE, and we have mutually shaved each other.
    0% I am a HUSBAND and my wife HAS shaved me.
    0% I am a HUSBAND and my wife HAS NOT shaved me.
    0% I am a WIFE and my husband HAS shaved me.
    0% Other (please explain in the comments)


    • Slipthegrasp April 25, 2020

      Yes, but have you done it with a straight razor?


    • SeekingChange April 25, 2020

      Thank you all… just from the few who have answered so far… there seems to be a good reason I felt a certain request was a little too much, too soon.


    • C. Joseph April 26, 2020

      The art of this sort of thing is difficult. I think that it is necessary to feel the blade on your own skin. Making occasional cuts on my own skin from a screen shaver is a somewhat painful thing and for me I wouldn’t want her or me to cringe at that sort of thing.


    • David April 26, 2020

      I’ve shaved her using a razor, but she’s only brave enough to use electric trimmers on me.
      We experiment with different lengths, but she prefers me with hair. She finds it more hygienic to remove the hair around the labia and prefers to trim the hair higher up.


    • Tantalum April 26, 2020

      DW tried shaving once, out of curiosity. It was OK but we both agreed that she looked better with her pubic hair full and natural. So shaving is not for us.


    • SongOfAngels April 26, 2020

      Shaving is not for us, either. Well i do shave my labia but not the mound, i have tried over and over again to the point of bleeding, it just does not work for me at all but i trim it and H doesn’t mind in the least. i think some pubic hair on women looks feminine. As far as him shaving, he’s old fashioned and wouldn’t even cross his mind. I have asked him to trim though and probably will again as i do give him OS and don’t like that in my mouth.


    • wanderingman April 26, 2020

      I have trimmed with scissors and then shaved my wofe, very very long ago, and also done some trimming a few years ago. She has decided it’s not for her, the upkeep is horrendous for her, the grow-back is itchy, etc.

      I do remember the last time I trimmed her about 8 years ago, I was trying to be very careful, but kept pulling hairs, obviously unintentionally. 🙁 I thought it was just bad technique on my part.

      And then to my horror a couple weeks ago, wife offered to give me a haircut and beard trim, using the same scissors that we’ve had in the bathroom since we’ve been married, and I’m pretty sure belonged to my grandfather way back when I was less than 10 years old.

      Wow!! I apologized soooo profusely for all the times I’d used them on her!! I still owe her some more apologies!! d

      The takeaway? Make sure you have a good pair of scissors before you start your topiary efforts.


    • Epaminondas April 27, 2020

      Never tried to trim the other. Always just took care of it ourselves when needed. Now DW is lasered smooth anyway.


    • Liverr April 27, 2020

      We have trimmed and shaven each other in the past. Now we both just shave ourselves on a regular basis 2-3x per week. In our marriage smoothness is beautiful and so nicely displays our bodies to each other …. yet at same time respect those who prefer hair down there:


    • 69greyshades April 28, 2020

      We are clean shaved, but we never shave each other. I shave myself every morning, so it is always soft and smooth. 🙂


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