How many sessions of PIV intercourse in a single day?

    How many times have you and your spouse had PIV intercourse in a single day?

    Note: For the purpose of this poll a session ends when the husband and wife stop having sex and go do something else (cuddle, sleep, chores etc.).

    On the floor Asked on December 28, 2019 in Polls.
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    28% 1
    26% 2
    23% 3
    13% 5+
    10% 4


    • SLS December 28, 2019

      There have been a few times when DW and I have had 2 sessions of intercourse in one day. Afternoon and evening if I recall correctly. Once we were going to try for 3 but we were both too tired and sore.


    • newwifenewlife December 28, 2019

      During our honeymoon, multiple 4 seasons times of lovemaking. Hard to believe at my age that was possible BUT we managed quite a few times…must have been a lot of pent up energy and making up for lost years. =)


    • DoveGrey December 28, 2019

      We’ve made it to 3 a few times. But it tends not to be worth it as we’re both too chafed and overwhelmed by it to want more sex for at least a week.


    • SeekingChange December 28, 2019

      There may have been times when there was more than 3x, but that’s not the kind of thing I work at keeping in my memory bank, but I know that we have had multiple times that 3x in 24 hours happens.


    • Ron December 28, 2019

      In 30 years, we have only had sex more than once in a day maybe 5 times and that was 20 years ago. Never three.


    • Epaminondas December 28, 2019

      Three times once or twice. For sure three our wedding night. Twice in a day multiple times over the years but not often – maybe once a year at most. We are generally one and done, especially as she’ll be too sore for PIV for a couple of days if we do 2x+, so we’d rather do once a day multiple days in a row than more in a single day and none the others.


    • Scott+Zelda December 29, 2019

      Three times at least twice, Zelda seems to think it was thrice. However, the first of those (consummation day) wouldn’t count under your rules because we never “fully stopped” after my first ejaculation.

      The other one we definitely had is sort of cheating, as it was post-midnight before going to bed, early afternoon, and then night before going to bed the next day. So 3x by calendar days, but not without sleeping in between! Beyond that, several 2x in our first year or two, but multiple PIV sessions in the same calendar day are a decade ago.


    • rkitek December 30, 2019

      For some reason, we started out putting dimes in a bank each time we had sex. I think it’s because a co-worker told me this before the marriage. He said put a coin in a bank for each time during the first year. After your first anniversary, take a coin out for each time. Apparently, you were never suppose to empty the bank. How ludicrous is that!! Anyways…we were counting the dimes on our first anniversary, and we were 6 away from 150, so we decided to hit 150 by the day’s end. Have never came close to that since. We’ve accumulated quite a pile of dimes in over 31 years.


    • mcgruff December 30, 2019

      I wish I could say otherwise, but I don’t think we’ve ever had sex more than once in a day. I dealt with ED issues early in our marriage (now fixed) so any day with sex just once was pretty great. We now have sex regularly but normally not more often than once every other day. I would love it if we could have non-stop sex but I think my DW and I both value quality over quantity when it comes to sex.


    • Lookin2Him December 30, 2019

      I said ‘4’. Not sure if it was 4 or 5. Context was our honeymoon, a few days in. We tried to do a multiple session night. PIV, set the alarm for 1 1/2 hours. PIV, set the alarm for 1 1/2 hours. I think we made it to 4 or 5 before we needed to really sleep. I don’t remember either of us being sore or anything, so that was a bonus. Oh to be young again!!

      Over the years, we’ve had quite a few 2x per day, both morning/evening type and ‘two-fers’ with a short rest between for my refractory period. But now we are lucky to do two nights in a row once a month or so. Work and to-do lists seem to get in the way too often.


    • Duchess January 1, 2020

      This was a good question. I have always felt that maybe we were falling short in some way because while we have done it twice in one day, it is seldom, a while ago, and never more than 2. It is encouraging to see that very few people seem to fall in the Energizer Bunny category.


    • Oldbear January 21, 2020

      Quality trumps quantity for us. We’ve found that really great PIV intercourse satiates us for 24 hours.


    • travel2 June 23, 2020

      Most in one day was 3 times. That was a long time ago, before kids.


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