Do you get jealous when someone of the opposite sex checks your spouse out?

    Queen bed Asked on July 6, 2019 in Polls.
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    19 Votes
    53% I am a man and it does not make me jealous
    26% I am a woman and it does not make me jealous
    16% I am a woman and it makes me jealous
    5% I am a man and it makes me jealous


    • Duchess July 6, 2019

      One of the things I adore most about my DH is how everybody loves him. He attracts everyone to himself, and yet he often believes the exact opposite! He thinks people are just being polite. Over the years, many of the young girls we have known have seemed particularly drawn to him and he is oblivious! I trust him completely, and I trust the young girls who adore him, but the fact that he is so unconscious of his own appeal (especially when he was closer in age to the younger teen girls) has made me rather jealous in the past. I think my jealousy is the good kind; it says I know he is attractive and appealing and I don’t want any other girls/women getting any ideas. It’s not the kind that will stalk him or spy on his phone. It’s not the kind that doesn’t trust him. Does this make sense?
      I wouldn’t mind if her were a tad jealous over me occasionally. Just enough to bristle his alpha male claws and fangs and make him want to remind me I’m his. ;D


      • SeekingChange July 8, 2019

        I have had similar thoughts….it would be nice if my husband would show a little bit of jealousy at times. I think I link it to protectiveness, and he has really lacked in that area.


    • OldManWinter July 6, 2019

      If someone is checking out the Mrs, I actually feel proud. It affirms how beautiful she is to me, and reassures her that she is atractive.


      • Crazydaddy July 8, 2019

        Yup! This is how I feel, most of the time. There have been a couple different times where it’s gone beyond a simple glance or two and I’ve felt uncomfortable enough that I’ve actually gone into protection mode, but I don’t think that’s jealous.


    • EyeAboveTheStorm July 7, 2019

      My wife is a heavy girl and most of the Caucasian young men where we live don’t seem to check her out that often, but there are exceptions. And then I’ve noticed it is a different story with a lot of the ethnic men who seem to notice her and check her out more often than white men do.
      She is a beautiful Irish girl and I don’t blame any of them — and I never get jealous although depending on the situation I get a little protective. Once I stared down a man who was looking a bit too long at her breasts (she is a size D and has rather large breasts so I didn’t blame him, but after a point I figured he had looked long enough).
      I always reassure her that I am not jealous, that those men have good taste, but that I will always protect her. I’m a big guy so she feels pretty safe when we’re out together.


    • tentsofpurple July 7, 2019

      I voted yes but I don’t know if jealous is the right word. Jealous implies wanting something that’s not yours and he is mine. I’d say possessive fits more, I do get possessive for sure.


      • Hungry July 7, 2019

        God is a jealous God. There is a good kind of jealousy.


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