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    I’ve been intending to make this poll for a while, but it took today’s QOTD to push me into action. I’m guessing many TMB QNAers are curious about position preference of other couples, but many of us feel uncomfortable sharing those specifics (in fact, when I asked Zelda in the hypothetical situation where our friends had to know one of the two, would she prefer they knew her favorite position or that she used a vibe, she chose the vibe without hesitation). However, in this anonymous poll format with somewhat generic answers, I thought more people would be willing to share. To be clear, there was a position-related poll already here at TMB, but it was a limited question involving a hypothetical quandary.

    I’ve seen past surveys on favorite positions find the top 3 positions, which I’ll dub the “big three”, to be missionary, woman-on-top (WOT), and rear entry (often doggy style). Other surveys, such as this one, surprisingly find a roughly even split for preference in those three. However, I’m also curious about #2 positions and not just the “favorite”. For instance, what if rear entry is the favorite of 1/3 of couples, but the least favorite for everyone else (e.g. no one has it as second)?

    Because of the limitations of the polls here, I’ve decided to limit this question to the “big three”. Missionary will be defined as its standard form and related positions (such as Toad or CAT). WOT will be defined as Cowgirl and related forms (most notably Reverse Cowgirl [NOT rear entry for the purposes of this poll!] but also things like Reverse Grinding the Corn). Rear entry is pretty straightforward except that it doesn’t include Reverse Cowgirl, but does include Doggy Style, Man on Fire, and Spooning.

    Oh, and this poll is about your marriage’s preference, not either of you as an individual. Hope that makes sense. For those doing only missionary and no WOT or rear entry, make your best guess as to which of the others would be #2!

    So, finally, the official question: From most preferred to least preferred, what is the relative preference of the “big three” positions in your marriage bed? 

    (Of course you can comment with more specifics if you’re willing to share! Poll expires May 10, 2020).

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    Results of this poll (This poll was expired)

    39 Votes
    38% Missionary, Rear Entry, WOT
    18% Missionary, WOT, Rear Entry
    15% Rear Entry, WOT, Missionary
    13% Rear Entry, Missionary, WOT
    5% WOT, Missionary, Rear Entry
    5% WOT, Rear Entry, Missionary
    3% We do not do any of the "big three", but still do PIV.
    3% We are married but do not engage in PIV.
    0% I am single and want to see the results.

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    • SongOfAngels February 10, 2020

      I guess ours would be Missionary (modified to where i’m lying on the bed/pillow underneath my rear end and he’s standing, my legs are on his shoulders) and rear entry. ALL of it because of our physical limitations, otherwise there would be other positions but we will never know as i don’t see things getting much better until God heals me enough to have enough strength to go through my hip surgery and there is a magic cure for ED for my H (limiting positions because of hardness).
      Before all of this we mostly did WOT as we orgasmed simultaneously often in that position but now even though i’m slender, i have major body issues and probably wouldn’t even go there if i was able (sadly) so IDK what to choose…


    • Duchess February 11, 2020

      I’m not positive if DH agrees with my opinion on this. We switch up seemingly according to random mood, but it could also be that he is always secretly hoping for Doggie just as I am always openly preferring Missionary. He also likes WOT more than I do; I burnt out on it when it was the only way I could O, plus my right hip often hurts when we do that now. IDK if it is a change in the bed, his hips, or my flexibility, but something just doesn’t work very well any more.


    • LovingHubby February 15, 2020

      ‘Preference’ leads me in two directions. My DW and I prefer doggy style and jump at it any time I can mange it (ie, with a pill). But usually I can’t so we do missionary far more often, which is how I voted.


    • newwifenewlife March 11, 2020

      Wow! That was a little hard to find the middle ground for our “marriage preference” because if DW & I voted separately, her last choice would be my first…or for sure second choice. On top of that, we utilize all of those so much depending on the mood, that I seriously can’t tell you which one we actually use more. I can only say that WOT is probably the least used but that’s still utilized at least 20-25% of the time.


    • Happily married March 25, 2020

      Adding my opinion, midstream in the poll, as said earlier depending on the mood, WOT and Missionary would be at the top, we do doggie style but not regularly. Prefer WOT for various angles, views and hands free for fondling.


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