What is your favorite hot date?

    I love to have a nice dinner at home and some romantic slow dancing.

    Twin bed Asked on April 5, 2019 in Places to go & things to do .
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    • OldMarriedLady April 6, 2019

      I’d rather go out to eat somewhere, so that I don’t have to cook or clean the kitchen up (I’m a terrible cook anyway). Neither of us knows how to dance, so we just do our dancing naked and horizontally when we get home LOL. After almost 39 years together, we really don’t need to go on dates anyway.


    • afoxandabunny April 6, 2019

      We have very limited time on the rare occasion a date happens, as we have a 12 month old daughter. It’s usually out to dinner. Going home for some fun would be nice but there is rarely time esp in evening bc bedtime happens at 730 for the baby (and I’m the only one who.can do it bc it involves nursing)… perhaps for our anniversary date we could drop.the. baby off somewhere on a rare afternoon we r both out of work and go home for dinner and fun
      The only issue w that like OML said.is cleaning. If the end result.was a messy home and us both cleanung.its somehow less relaxing


    • Doug April 6, 2019

      My wife and I have an established “movie night” It isn’t on a particular night of the week, and it isn’t really on any kind of a schedule. It has just evolved. Either one of us can call a movie night. It isn’t about sitting and watching TV, but it is about taking the time to sit and do something together and making other distractions off limits.

      It is not a “Hot Date” and there are no sexual expectations attached to it. It is just a way to ensure that we make time to be together and leave the world alone for awhile.


    • wally April 14, 2019

      Our favorite is to get some take out, kayak out to an isolated swimming dock in the middle of the state park and enjoy the evening together.


    • BroadSword May 11, 2019

      Our usual date night consists of dinner at one of our favorite restaurants followed by a trip to the bookstore. We may not always walk away from the store with books, but the fun is in the browsing.

      Sometimes we’ll change it up by going to a movie instead of the bookstore if there’s something out we want to see in the theater.


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