06/03/2020 – Today’s Question of the Day

    Do you find the idea of monogamy with your spouse to be erotic and/or arousing? If so, what are some specific thoughts that push your buttons? If not, have you given it substantial thought before reading this question?

    Under the stars Asked on June 3, 2020 in Question of the Day.
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      what’s the opposite mean? So my attraction to other women means nothing to me. The maintenance that is required to have a girlfriend on the side is tiresome. My wife is hard enough to figure out, I can’t imagine trying to figure out spouse number 2 or mistress. So no, monogamy doesn’t really come to mind. We’re together and that’s it. Really though I’m the super flawed one…no career, lack of money, etc she’s better off with someone else…well, she’s stuck with me, poor girl.

      California King Answered on June 3, 2020.
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