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    Well, let’s give this a try…Infrequent poster on old board, same user name

    🤵: Upper 30s, working two jobs 4-9pm, 10p-6a.

    👰: Mid 40s, working 4a-12. Loves🎄

    💑: Married 17½ years

    Children: 💟💙💟💙, all teenagers. (Older DD is 👰 from previous relationship, but calls me Dad. She moved out a few months ago)

    🏠: 💑💙💟💙👩‍👦

    (A single mom who used to work with DW needed a place to stay for her and her newborn, so we opened our house. Little guy is now old enough to call me Grandpa.)

    🛏️: When it’s good it’s great. Maybe someday I’ll discuss the rest.

    Queen bed Asked on December 5, 2019 in Introduce Yourself.
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      Emoji interpretation
      Groom – me
      Bride – DW
      Happy couple
      Hearts: Girl boy girl boy
      House: who’s under my roof besides the Mrs. and me – boy girl boy (mother and son)
      Bed: the marriage bed / our sex life

      Queen bed Answered on December 6, 2019.

      Thanks for explaining. and welcome back. I bet you have a great many stories and wisdom to share.

      on December 7, 2019.
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        Interesting introduction! Not sure I followed all the emojis but glad you are here!

        If I read this correctly, between your guys’ work schedules it doesn’t look like you would have much time together, that would be tough.

        Under the stars Answered on December 5, 2019.
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          Glad you are here. Admirable of you to take in the mother and son. Christian hospitality (a.k.a. showing the love of Christ!) at its best!

          Under the stars Answered on December 6, 2019.
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            Welcome back! I stand in awe of what you are doing for your family and your friend.

            Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on December 6, 2019.
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              How does one get all those emojis? I use the ones listed in the SMILEYS section on this site, but none of the ones you used are listed there. Do you just use the emoji icons on your phone and it translates properly onto this site? I prefer to comment on computer, but do have ways to do the emojis on computer even if it is a bit arduous.


              Under the stars Answered on December 6, 2019.

              Yeah, I’m doing this on my ☎️.

              on December 6, 2019.

              Testing ☎️

              on December 7, 2019.
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