69 position for oral sex

    Do you like the 69 position for oral sex? How popular is it in your marriage bed. Is it possible to receive and give pleasure to your partner at the same time.


    Is it side by side , if not who is on top?

    Queen bed Asked on September 13, 2019 in Oral Sex.
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      We have done it and still do on occassion but frankly, it’s better if he focuses on me and then I can focus on him.

      Fell out of ... Answered on September 14, 2019.
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        We did this the other evening – on our sides and it was wonderful.  It’s always good when we both are rested, and our “pumps are primed” for love making.  What I like about being side to side is that sometimes he’s going to town and I just take a break and enjoy…then when he lightens up – and I can think again…lol… I get busy on him.  The better he feels the better he makes me feel.   It’s a win-win!

        Queen bed Answered on September 20, 2020.
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          69 for us is DW on top because she is concerned that if I am on top I might get too deep in her throat and she doesn’t want to gag.

          Twin bed Answered on September 13, 2019.
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            We like it okay. It’s something we might do for a bit during foreplay, just to change things up. Giving and receiving pleasure at the same time is a bit too distracting. It’s hard to focus enough to give and it’s hard to focus enough to really be able to receive. So we much prefer just either giving or receiving.

            California King Answered on September 14, 2019.
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              We use the WOT position for me to perform cunnilingues  her because it gives me a great view and access. We don’t do simultaneous that much.  When she does me, I like to watch.

              Queen bed Answered on September 14, 2019.
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                My first husband was shorter than me so there was a lot of neck strain and generally not as much pleasure as when we did each other one at a time. But we did use it for short bursts. My second husband is a bit taller so it’s promising but we aren’t married yet! 😉

                Hammock Answered on September 15, 2019.
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                  DH and I do this EVERY time we make love.  It’s part of our foreplay, in the middle of sex, and sometimes after he finishes.   We love pleasing each other this way 🙂

                  King bed Answered on October 14, 2019.
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                    Yes.  Wife doesn’t care for it, so it doesn’t last long.  Sometimes, it’s side by side.  Usually, I’m on top as I’m the only one who initiates this position.

                    On the floor Answered on September 13, 2019.
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                      I love 69 and we use it from time to time. I find it so erotic, although I do think I can focus more on the pleasure when I am just getting a BJ.

                      Queen bed Answered on September 13, 2019.
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                        It’s probably our most common position for OS. My husband is on top. I do it for him, because I can’t focus enough to find pleasure while I am focusing on him.

                        Under the stars Answered on September 13, 2019.
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