A Need for Moderators

    Hey Beloved,

    In light of the thread entitled “The wolves”, I am wondering why this platform doesn’t seem to allow moderators?

    I know Dale and Paul are doing their best…still, I would like to see moderators appointed to help share the burden.

    There are a few here I would highly recommend for moderator positions and more than capable of keeping TMB on the straight and narrow.

    In addition, I would like to see them have moderator tags under their names who others would know their position and can turn to them directly if things fly south.

    Thoughts? 🙂

    Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked on November 25, 2019 in None of The Above.
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      We decided to see how it went, as the system is more easily influenced by users.

      We may well be getting to where we need to set up moderators.

      BTW, I have done some work today to stop some known sources of spam.

      Fell out of ... Answered on November 25, 2019.

      Thank you for your work!

      on November 25, 2019.
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        I agree on the need for more moderators and I am willing to help if needed. This situation just goes to show how much Satan desires to destroy and pervert God’s gift of sex. The enemy hates TMB because it is telling the truth about God’s design. Opposition means we are making a difference.

        Thank you Paul for keeping up the good fight.

        On the floor Answered on November 25, 2019.
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          It would be interesting to hear PaulB &/or Dale’s take on this. I believe at the set up, the same moderators transferred, but of course if they have chosen not to be a part, that doesn’t do much good. I know publicly, Mods have rarely taken much of a part, in this new system… so the new people wouldn’t have any clue who they are. What goes on behind the scenes, only they know.

          I also know in the testing groups, someone mentioned being able to “see” or make a distinction on who is a moderator, would be helpful. I am not sure this system allows for that feature.

          IIRC, it seems I remember PaulB (or Dale) mentioning that the upvotes/downvotes are kind of like a way for “the people” to self-govern.

          Again, it would be interesting to hear from PaulB and Dale on this whole thing.

          Under the stars Answered on November 25, 2019.
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            I agree that mods would be helpful. I recall that one of the new posters was trying to sniff Dale out as a mod in a post. There is certainly a general understanding among many on boards like this that mods are to be looked out for.

            I do like the voting feature of this site. I didn’t think I would when I first joined, but I see now how effective it can be for more senior members to be able to down vote, or even to edit someone’s question.

            Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on November 25, 2019.
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              If the current MOD’s need help, I will volunteer as tribute!

              On the floor Answered on November 25, 2019.


              on November 25, 2019.
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                II don’t think my first post went through as I had to login. I think this site is a blessing and have for many years.  I too run a sex-positive community and it’s not easy.  You get the trolls and those trying to push the envelope or use it for titillation rather than discussion and encouragement and celebration of the wonderful gift of marital sexuality.  We’ve had to, over time, adjust a few things and we keep the negative folks out but sometimes, some sneak through.  We have had to issue a couple bans and some have self-removed.  Overall, though, communities like these are important and we embrace the ability of men and women to be able to talk about sexuality, within a Christian framework, in a way that’s uplifting and positive.  Now, we won’t always agree – topics like the wisdom of stories not even all our admins agree on – but we agree on much more than we don’t, and amazing friendships have been built in the process.  So keep doing what you’re doing and protect your wonderful site.

                Double bed Answered on November 26, 2019.
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                  I’m down!


                  On the floor Answered on November 25, 2019.
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                    Thanks for the positive words, StrengthandPatience!

                    Fell out of ... Answered on November 26, 2019.
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