A study of history supports biblical morality

    Wifey found an article extending early 1900s research to current events about sexual immorality leading to the decline of culture.


    Disclaimer: I am unfamiliar with both Kirk Durston and anthropologist J.D. Unwin whom he references.

    I always find it interesting when science confirms biblical truth.  Not really a question, I just found it interesting and wanted to share.

    California King Asked on January 5, 2020 in Theology of Sex .
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      Thanks for the link. I Googled Unwin. It seems that his works are being reexamined quite a bit of late.

      One thing I’m unclear on. It may have been in the article or the equally as interesting comments, but I’ve missed it. Unwin was in favor of women’s equality, and blamed the fall of society on sexual downfall. Yet, he also said that women’s equality would ultimately lead to sexual downfall, that a society historically could not maintain both women’s lib and sexual morality. Did the article ever say why he was then in favor of equality? It seems an odd stance to take given what he presented in his works. Was he trying to warn us to be careful, or was he allowing his personal views to encroach on his research? Or did I miss the mark completely?I

      It would be worth it to read the original work, I think.

      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on January 5, 2020.
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        If you go to Wikipedia to get the information it states : The book concludes with the assertion that, in order to maintain a “Rational”, energetic, society, sexual drive should be controlled and shifted to more productive work, and that women should enjoy the same legal rights as men

        Be careful what you google on him, you’ll get reams of “red pill” diatribe on the “evils” of feminism which in their terms is basically womankind and not to me what feminism is which is embracing abortion, eschewing family values and “traditional” woman hood which gravitates to home, children, family. i know it’s very popular today to blame almost all societal evils on feminism but men and their shortcomings to me, share equal blame on the downfall of society.

        I of course as a Christian, absolutely believe that sexual immorality (among other things) is the downfall of society but to place it squarely upon the woman’s shoulders is just fallacy and i think Christians should be very careful not to go down that road (red pill).  Sorry, this was more a response to DoveGrey

        On the floor Answered on January 6, 2020.
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          You can see the destruction in culture – we are arriving in the end stages of what the article describes.  The problem is we’ve had it too good for too long and don’t think it will happen to us, when as the article stated, to expect a different outcome is not seeing clearly.  Trillions in debt, weak in Spirit, no discipline, we are not the same as we were 4 generations ago, not even close.

          DoveGray your points are spot on.  I agree with you also SOA that feminism is not all women, but a collection of sinful attitudes and ideas like the list you mentioned that are set up against God. It is no accident and ensnares those who know no better. I think there is an irony going on with the red pill guys – they are the male version of feminists. They think they are going their own way, but they are really doing the wrong things that the feminists have already been doing wrong for decades. They ignore what God teaches and only think of what is good for them (selfishness). The enemy has his hands in both and people are being led away.

          Raising children in this culture is challenging given what all the other children believe, but my hope is in Jesus and I am comforted when He says to hold fast for a little while longer.

          Fell out of ... Answered on January 6, 2020.
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            Well worth a read, so thank you for the link. I particularly found the Mary Eberstadt research about the decimation of families to be spot on.

            One exception I will take is that secular thinkers will point to Christians as part of the non-rational thinkers in terms of climate change deniers, anti-vaxers, and creationists if we are talking contradiction to current science.  And, I don’t see a decline in technological advances. Quite the opposite.

            On the floor Answered on January 6, 2020.

            I agree there isn’t a decline in technological advances and scientific study, not yet. There is however an undercurrent of skepticism and distrust of science and technology stemming from the removal of objective truth from society.

            on January 6, 2020.

            Would you say that Christians play a part?

            on January 6, 2020.
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              I always find it interesting when science confirms biblical truth. 

              There is however an undercurrent of skepticism and distrust of science and technology stemming from the removal of objective truth from society.

              I find it ironic that Christianity is so often set up as the antithesis of science. Science is the study of how stuff works and is based on observation and experiment. God created all the stuff. Isn’t learning about his craft just another way of knowing him, which is our original purpose? And when the observations and experiments don’t seem to match what God has told us in his word, can we not understand that the fault is in our lack of understanding or even lack of data or simply a matter of perspective? Like the three blind men describing an elephant or how an ant sees the world vs. how an eagle sees it. Or the way Christmas is an interminable wait for young children but comes faster each year as we get older.  Once upon a time, people believed the world was flat, until observation and experiment proved differently. The Bible never says whether the world is flat, round, or polygonal! But how amazing our God is to have designed our solar system that hangs in perfect balance to support life and provide all that we need. Is God’s creation any less amazing because we can appreciate it with an educated eye? We talk about the miracle of birth, yet when you learn about the scientific and medical processes that happen between intercourse and birth, and the thousands of ways it can fail to produce life, you see that it is truly a miracle that anyone is ever born at all! And yet God made it so, and His system works!

              It may or may not be obvious that I have been accused a time or two of a lack of faith for my desire to understand more and more about the complexities of so many different aspects of God’s creation. We Christians seem to have this idea that if we try to explain something “scientifically” that we are saying God didn’t do it. Why is is so hard to see that science is really all about appreciating the skill and genius of the Master Craftsman? Discovering how he does something does not make us able to do it for ourselves; NOVA is not a DIY show!

              YES, @LuckyinLove, I believe Christians play a huge part in the undercurrent of skepticism and distrust of science and technology*, to the detriment of the Gospel. When we spout Christian rhetoric and ignore scientific truth that seems to contradict the Bible, we seem ignorant and actually indicate subconsciously that God’s truth is not true enough to withstand the challenges of the scientific method. Personally, I believe God is big enough to withstand any question I can ask him! He may or may not share the answer, but he does not mind me asking because I am asking out of a desire to know him.

              (I do believe in a healthy skepticism about the uses of technology; data is the new currency and we are wise to protect ours vigilantly.)

              Under the stars Answered on January 15, 2020.

              I really enjoyed your views and wish that more people had participated in this discussion. I think it’s important that Christians realize how we are being portrayed as part of the problem, and in this article means being part of the downfall of our culture. Ironic, to say the least.

              on January 15, 2020.

              I always have intentions of contributing more.. time gets away from me.

              I agree Duchess, the more I learn, the more evidences I see for a Divine Creator and the more I marvel at God’s masterful handiwork!

              For example, researchers studied ultra-marathoners (running a marathon a day for several weeks. Sounds terrible!) They found a limit to the human body’s metabolic process where the body just can’t absorb more energy from food. This limit is just slightly higher than the metabolic strain of pregnancy.


              God in his infinite wisdom created the human body with just enough endurance to grow another person.

              And yet again, time is against me! I’ll update later

              on January 15, 2020.
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