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    Just wanted to hear if others had found good non-sexual uses for their toys. What made me think of it was that our first wedge arrived yesterday, but DW is out of commission with a really nasty cold. She repurposed the wedge as an inclined pillow to lay more upright and improve her drainage overnight, helping her sleep! She’s definitely low/responsive drive and doesn’t think about new toys, so I made the joke that it would be the only toy that she used solo all night while I slept on the couch. She didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did 😆 She is using the wedge again tonight while I’m stuck on the couch so I’m not kept up by her coughing. Hoping one day we can find a toy that is good enough that she’ll want to use it all night for two nights in a row…

    Any other experiences out there? I’m guessing plenty of people have used vibrators for sore muscles, so maybe be specific with those types of answers?

    Under the stars Asked on October 18, 2019 in Activities & Items .
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      We’ve used our Hitachi Magic Wand as a massager for shoulders. We nicknamed it the Jackhammer.

      California King Answered on October 19, 2019.

      I will second this.. It works to massage other areas, legs (in a non-sexual post-workout sense), shoulders etc.

      on October 19, 2019.
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        My husband has used our wedge after he had some oral surgeries (bone transfusions) and he had to keep his head elevated for a week at a time.

        We are more likely to repurpose household items and use for sex toys, rather that the other way around.

        Coconut oil, not really a toy, but a great lube for sex and you can cook with it, plus 100 other things.

        Ties and scarves, great for tying up or blindfolds.

        Clothespins, make for nipple clamps.

        Large marbles, can be used similar to ben wa balls.

        Cucumbers or other properly shaped items, can be used as dildos.

        Other than that, I can only think of sex toy use for sexual purposes, even if they are used throughout a day ( like plugs).

        I guess I could use a clit ring I have for a nose ring 😉 LOL! But I won’t be doing that.

        Under the stars Answered on October 19, 2019.
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          the sex toys we have really couldn’t be used for anything else–in part because it’s so obvious what they are.

          California King Answered on October 19, 2019.
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            I shared once before that I bought a massager for my shoulders (tension headache issues) while shopping with my mother before I was even married that turned out to look remarkably like the Hitachi wand, but I am 98% certain it was not sold to be used as such. I can still picture the big bin of them not far inside the door of a family discount store where anyone could see them. (Not that I didn’t soon discover the benefits of using it ALL over, but it was not sold as a sex toy.)

            I’ve used lube once before when I was just dry and uncomfortable. We weren’t preparing for sex, I just felt like I was sticking to myself.

            We have some “chrome” penis rings (that we’ve never been able to make work well) that look kind of like c-shaped little barbells with knobs on each end that might make pretty good key rings…

            Under the stars Answered on October 20, 2019.
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