Are there too many ‘Select a Category’ Categories

    I don’t know if it is appropriate to post on this or not.  I’m not an admin or owner of the site.  I hope a feedback thread on site layout is allowed, and I hope I am not overstepping my bounds.

    On the other board when the site was set up with different software, there are all these different discussion forums we could see on one page.  There were forums for many sub-topics.  It made sense.  If you want to discuss hand jobs you could go to one place.  If you wanted to discuss nursing your spouse or unusual stuff, you went elsewhere.  There was a forum for PIV, and forums for various sex-related marriage issues.

    But now, the way the forum is set up, we all read all posts, no matter what the forum is.  They are all on one page.  Yet, we have to categorize the posts according to the historical list of forums from the previous board.  There is a drop down menu, but we cannot see all those sub-forum names on one page anymore, and it doesn’t really affect anything as to whether someone sees our post.  What it does…. I am assuming.. it just give us a confusing and time-consuming task to do before we post.  My guess is posters just pick the most loosely related topic area to whatever they are posting that shows up in their field of view without scrolling down to the bottom.

    Maybe there is some other view that I do not know about that allows people to search based on the old forum topic areas.  Maybe it serves some purpose other than being a historical carry-over from the last forum.

    I’m just thinking it would make more sense not to have that drop down menu, or else to have a few categories that one can see without scrolling down or reading a long list.

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      Where it is a benefit is if someone wants to search a certain topic, for example “Oral”. If they go and select that category under their search, that will bring up every question asked under that topic.

      Under the stars Answered on September 18, 2020.
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