Are You a Defy Patient? (Male or Female)

    If you are a Defy patient, are you satisfied with your treatment.? So far, I have been very satisfied. I did have a complaint about being harassed a bit about getting labs done. Defy did respond and took care of the problem. It was a very poorly worded general email threatening to stop my treatment.

    I initially consulted with Dr. Saya and really enjoyed him.  The first time I talked to him he spelled out my symptoms and told me how he would treat them. I was so relieved to hear from someone who understood the problems and knew how to treat them.

    I now consult with Jill as it is cheaper to do so. I’ve been satisfied with her. You have to talk to her and tell her what’s going on if you’re having any issues and she always has a good response for me. My last consult we talked about trying PT-141 for libido and ED issues. She has tried it, as has all the Defy staff, and wrote me a script for it. I purchased some through a research lab (much cheaper) and plan to try it Friday. If you are interested in the results, let me know,

    Ladies are welcome to respond as there is no place as of now for female hormone discussions, unless I missed it.

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      Because my husband and I are on this journey together, I do say “we use Defy”. I almost always am part of the tele-appointments. We have been very satisfied with them. We too have used Dr. Saya and Jill. We are planning for me to get my hormones checked with them in the new year.

      Under the stars Answered on November 24, 2020.
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