Are you an open book?

    Does your spouse know everything about your thinking about sex? All your experiences and fantasies? Do you think you know everything about them? Are some things left secret?

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      I’ve been considering your metaphor – an open book. Seems even when a book is open, not all that is on the other pages is in view.

      I think for me that means that there is always more to reveal and share.

      Under the stars Answered on December 3, 2019.
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        I was having a very similar thought and thought about posting it.  There is a marriage study that my wife and I have done where it talks about studying your spouse.  My wife admits to being bad at this.

        What is funny is this:  I’ve never been shy about telling her what I want sexually.  There’s not much to study.

        Reading the book is one thing.   Applying it is always another.

        Queen bed Answered on December 3, 2019.
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          I am an open book….if my DW doesn’t want to explore or read said book then I have no control over this…this is one of the reason why I have learned that surrender to God’s will gives me peace and sanity…

          On the floor Answered on December 3, 2019.
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            I agree with OWM’s take on the metaphor:  we are each an open book to the other but there are always pages not presently in view and more to discover and share.

            Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on December 3, 2019.
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              Great question SecondMarge! We are now at a point where she knows all of my sexual fantasies and I know…most of hers, lol!

              Queen bed Answered on December 3, 2019.
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                I also like your metaphor.   No, I’m not an open book to her.  But we have worked very hart at making that a reality and we are a long distance down that road.   I do not think I know everything about my self desires, sexually speaking, no.

                Fell out of ... Answered on December 3, 2019.

                Love your point about not even knowing everything about yourself.

                on December 3, 2019.
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                  I am an open book, I’ll tell my wife anything. My wife I am not sure if she is really open or not, I think is she is too shy to tell me any sex fantasies.


                  Hammock Answered on December 4, 2019.

                  Would it turn you on if she had some hot fantasies? Does she know any fantasy she has would be ok with you?

                  on December 4, 2019.

                  Yes! I would love to here she had a hot fantasy. I would be ok with most anything really, well anything legal a couple can do.  I would never judge or make fun of a sexual fantasy. I would love to here she had one!

                  6 days ago.
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                    My wife has read way more of me (my book) today than earlier in our marriage–not just because she’s had more time to read, but because I’ve felt more safe with her to disclose.  Still, there are some pages I’ve held back; what I allow her to “read” depends on how I understand her capacity to accept (and not be intimidated by) the content.  She is much more reserved than am I.  But, over the last two years especially, she has been much more eager to read my book.  I am game to share as much as she is willing to read.  My sexual history is on the table and she has read that chapter.  The chapters capturing my fantasies and expansive desire are on offer, but still often guarded, as I work to protect her from being overwhelmed.

                    Queen bed Answered 6 days ago.
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