Are you into the daily grind?

    No, I’m not talking about work schedule or about preparing your coffee!

    In a separate thread the question about sex on vacation came up and some people talked about enjoying it daily. So, I’m wondering who among us enjoys “a daily grind” during nonvacation times?

    Why have you chosen to do this, how does this work out for you, and what are the blessings you experience?

    For others that wish this would be a reality for you, why isn’t it?

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      i wouldn’t be interested in daily just because i don’t desire it but if my drive was higher (which it has been) i would have desired almost daily. I tend to get sore very easily so that would be off the table even if i desired it daily… also, IMO, orgasms tend to feel better or be more intense when some time has passed

      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on August 6, 2019.
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        We engage in almost “a daily grind”, Sundays not included. “Enjoy” has to be used very loosely in my case.

        I have chosen to do this because 1) my conviction on not saying no, 2) I truly believe in loving others as Jesus loves me, and 3) it’s a compromise to what my husband would naturally desire and my preference.

        I make it work. Thankfully with my mind (pretty decent at compartmentalizing for a woman) and body (responds quickly to certain stimulations), we can keep things on the shorter time frame…the only way this is doable for me. And though it might lack some quality (passion, emotional connection for me), I can almost always get physical pleasure out of it.

        Blessings have varied throughout the years…. one unexpected blessing for myself was understanding my body at various stages in my cycle. There is the blessing of less conflict and tension between us. In all honesty, at this season in life, I am being obedient and acting in faith that blessings unaware are happening, and a harvest will be reaped someday.

        Under the stars Answered on August 6, 2019.
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          For others that wish this would be a reality for you, why isn’t it? Children

          On the floor Answered on August 6, 2019.
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            We very nearly do the daily grind, and during some parts of my cycle it can be more than once a day. But we don’t during my period.  My high drive makes it fairly easy for this frequency.

            Because I used to refuse, I am sort of afraid of what it looks like when we don’t ML often.

            The blessings from this? Well, our marriage looks 100% differently than it did when I was refusing. I learned that I was supposed to enjoy sex, too. I do feel closer to H and vice versa, our days are lighter and we’re more laid back and silly.

            We still have our issues, for sure. Well, they are past issues, rather, and I’m trying to only live in the now.

            I just feel our marriage is more solid when we ML more frequently.

            King bed Answered on August 6, 2019.
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              we’ve had seasons where it was nearly daily, but with a bunch of kids and busy lives, we’re either busy with something or too tired to make it happen that often. Now that we’re a bit older, we don’t really desire it daily anymore. But when we do have it, it’s really amazing and intense, so we don’t miss doing it daily.

              California King Answered on August 6, 2019.
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                I will like the daily grind. We do it often but not everyday.

                King bed Answered on August 7, 2019.
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                  There have been short seasons of daily for us, but they rarely go more than 4-7 days before a break. Average is every 2-3 days, which works for us. She gets sore if we do it too often. 🙂

                  California King Answered on August 9, 2019.
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                    We did early on in our marriage when my wife wasn’t working outside the home. After that, she got a little more tired and I feel bad about waking her up sometimes. We go in spurts of 5-7x/wk and then 3-5x. The more we do engage in sexual activities, the closer I feel to her, the more I want to serve her….AND the better I sleep. 😁

                    Under the stars Answered on September 5, 2019.
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