On a few occasions lately, my wife has ended up with a small bump or maybe a blister (she’s not quite sure) after a longer sexual encounter. It’s external, and tends to resolve in 4-7 days. It means she’s sidelined for that time, which is frustrating to us both. We haven’t determined any specific action or combination of actions that leads to it happening. We do use a vibe to bring her to O, so I can certainly see repetitive motion or things being extra intense possibly causing it. Anyone else dealt with this? Any tips to avoid it? We’ve joked sometimes that she needs to form a sexual callous…

    Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked 6 days ago in Pain (During or preventing sex).
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      @marriedandlovingit that’s exactly what my wife finally determined it is. Seems to be improving (and not sure if the other one earlier this year was that or more of an actual blister). Thanks!!

      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered 4 days ago.
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        Not had any experience of this, but blisters are generally caused by friction.

        To prevent a blister you therefore need to reduce the friction, either by using more lubricant or reducing the rubbing of the skin.

        On the floor Answered 6 days ago.
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          A blister? No experience. With very little detail, it’s hard to say what it could be, is it external or internal? Is it above the skin, like a true blister, or below the skin?

          I have had painful little bumps, maybe the size of a BB to a small pea, between the labia majora and minora. There are Bartholin’s glands, which secrete mucus that help lubricate the vagina, they can sometimes get blocked or infected. I think a heat compress can help. Mine would only last for a few days, so I never dealt with an infection. It didn’t stop me from sex, it was just tender when I would touch it.

          Under the stars Answered 6 days ago.

          Sorry, I see you said “external”.

          6 days ago.
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            I concur with Seeking Change. If the bump is more in the 3 or 9 o’clock position as you are observing you DW… area, and it is at the opening of the actual V, then it may be a Bartholin’s Cyst. They can be small or large. There are homes treatments if minor. Google Bartholin’s Cyst for info. Otherwise, could be a friction blister. Those tend to be transparent. If a blister, do not pop it. Just gently wash it and leave it alone. It will heal.

            Double bed Answered 4 days ago.
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              @owm: Yes, using a vibe. We moved from a hard plastic one to a softer silicone covered one (WeVibe Touch) because she used to end up with a bruised public bone pretty often. That hasn’t been much of an issue anymore (thankfully!) but now this has happened at least three times this year.

              On a side note, it’s actually quite encouraging to me that DW is bummed out about this getting in the way of our sex life. Two years ago she would have seen it as a welcome excuse to more easily turn me down. Counting my blessings!

              Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered 6 days ago.
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                I agree with @David that extra lube at that spot is worth a try. We haven’t had your specific problem but have had its inverse—the extensive amount of PIV we do has given my penis friction burns! Lube applied directly to the problem spot (we normally only apply it to her) worked well to mitigate the issue. Of course, several days off for healing was still required.

                Also, the Touch is silicone coated, so make sure to use a water-based lube for compatibility.


                Under the stars Answered 6 days ago.
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                  I agree with others, a great lube may help- maybe try coconut oil, that’s a personal fav.  It’s all natural, smells amazing and feels even better than it smells.

                  Queen bed Answered 2 days ago.
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                    We’ve never experienced that, but I have imagined that for those couples who need lengthy stimulation with a vibe, that could be an issue for the clitoral hood or labia. Were you using a vibe?

                    Under the stars Answered 6 days ago.
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