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    I’ve been thinking for a long time that I would like to have some Boudoir Photographs done. I used to think they would be primarily a tool to inflame my DH, however recently I’be been reading about how they can be much more about bringing out the beauty, sensuality, sexuality, and confidence of a woman, independent of her relationship with a man. (Not that DH wouldn’t benefit anyway!) And I can’t deny that sounds like a balm for my soul.

    Have you had them done? How was it? Were they expensive? Did you have to do your own makeup and hair? Did you go full nude? With sheet covering or actual parts revealed? Do you display any of them (presumably the more modest ones) in your home? Why did you have them done? How do they make you feel?

    If you have not had them done, would you consider it? Would you go full nude? Would you display any in your home?

    Do you agree they are much more about the woman than the man who might look at them?

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      Funny you bring up the topic, I have booked a session for November.
      I am very excited and TERRIFIED, lol!
      I found a local gal, researched her work and read reviews first. I am satisfied with her, her work is BEAUTIFUL and tasteful.
      The fee includes hair and makeup by local professionals and I bring in my own outfits….she has great props and the lighting/her studio looks fantastic. It’s not exactly cheap, I think it’ll be around $300, and I don’t think that actually includes the photos.
      My reasons to do this: I’m not getting any younger.
      I’m post menopausal at 48 years of age. I started bhrt in June and feeling better, but time is at hand.
      My husband is more than a decade older than me, and I am embracing as much as I can NOW.
      I am also (and have always been) the HD wife. Seeing myself as sexy and desired has been a difficult road. As much as I would like to feel validated by my DH, it is sometimes a difficult task.
      Our marriage bed is better than it has ever been, but I still fight the feeling that I am not good enough or that I will never be cherished for my sexuality, that my HD is a burden.
      I am doing this mostly for ME. He is very supportive and is encouraging me to do the photo session, but he is fully aware *I* need to do it for ME. I might have filtered lighting, I might have professionally done makeup and hair, but the photos will be ME, and I am hoping that I can see myself as what I am. Without fear, without apology, unashamed but bold, strong and authentic.

      I have no idea if any of that rambling made sense, lol.

      Double bed Answered on October 18, 2019.

      Good for you!

      on October 18, 2019.

      Oh I’m so glad for you; it sounds like exactly what I’ve been thinking this experience should be! Please report back afterward!!

      Unfortunately the photographer I found (who also has a great reviews and professional hair and makeup) has this statement on the website: “The session cost is $450. Products start at $250, collections start at $1,450.  My average client spends between $2,500-$4,500 on products.” Yikes.

      So for now, it’s still on the wish list. But it’s a high priority one!! Have fun!

      on October 18, 2019.
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        Don’t let shame hold you back. There’s no shame in your children seeing that mom and dad love each other and have/had a healthy sex life.

        Use wisdom in selecting a photographer, but honestly, if we chose not to do anything because it could potentially cause lust in another, we would all be hermits. If we were to go off of that logic, we wouldn’t go to doctors or nurses, no massages, no tailoring of clothes or getting measured for proper fitting bras.

        Under the stars Answered on October 17, 2019.

        Actually it’s much more the price tag than shame holding me back! 😀 I’d really like to have some done and thought it would be a fun topic.

        on October 17, 2019.
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          I did this years ago and it was wonderful! I ordered a Groupon so it wasn’t too expensive. (They are hoping to make money on you ordering prints afterwards) My husband was SO happy that I did it! I was a size 3X at the time, around 50yo and so the pictures were only something my husband would enjoy! They offered to do my makeup (I didn’t own any makeup so that was cheaper than buying some) The female photographer specialized in empowering women and making them feel sexy and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I brought several outfits including super high heels, and we used props (like a football in a strategic location) to create lots of fun shots. Hubby used to go on the photographers password protected page and look at all the pictures but we never ordered any actual pictures to keep. I never wanted to look at them again!
          He did take photos and videos of me for his own pleasure as well, which he kept password protected on his computer. After he died all of that was lost because I didn’t know the password but that’s fine. I certainly didn’t ever want to see those pictures of me again!
          The professional photographer experience did make me feel sexy and I have already purchased a photo shoot to give to my new husband for a Christmas gift!

          Double bed Answered on October 18, 2019.
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            You could do this…You can have a standing digital camera and you can take the pictures on your own.  You can research on the internet about posing provocatively.  This way you can also store the pictures in a secure external hard drive and in a secure place like a safe.

            On the floor Answered on October 17, 2019.

            As I mentioned above, a big part of the point of these photographs is the artistic skill of the photographer; something DH doesn’t have.

            on October 17, 2019.

            It wouldn’t be DH taking the picture.  You would set the timer and let the camea take pictures of you.

            on October 17, 2019.
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              I’ve looked into this as well, but I generally take my own. I understand what you are saying about the photos almost being more about your own self confidence rather than something you do for your DH (but of course, it’s a lovely benefit for them as well!). I have not done them, but if I did, I would choose a female who specialized in it and I would research thoroughly. One of the funny/unexpected things about boudoir photos is that you are rarely completely nude, or even half nude, it’s all about the suggestion or possibility of what DH could see.

              For me, the appeal of these sort of photos, done in a tasteful way, means my sexual self isn’t dirty. This is opposite of what I was raised to believe (sex is gross,  women only have sex to have babies, sex is only for men, etc).

              King bed Answered on October 17, 2019.

              Yes! Exactly!

              on October 17, 2019.
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                I think that this is something you should discuss with your husband and only do if he’s happy with it. Personally, I think it’s wiser not to involve a third person but to either use a camera with a timer and take them yourself or get our husband to do it. I know he’s not a skilled photographer, but maybe with practise he could be! Rather than something you do purely for yourself, this could be a shared bonding experience.

                Hammock Answered on October 20, 2019.
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                  I’m not against them morally, I have even encouraged others in it, but I have no desire to do anything like this. I won’t even go get a professional massage done.

                  Who it is much more for, is all dependent on the heart and intent of the person.

                  Under the stars Answered on October 17, 2019.

                  I have had professional massages (women only) and unless it is a spirit conviction, I urge you to reconsider. I had various long-term pains cleared up at one time or another–pains that had defied any other remedy I had tried and then vanished after one massage. It has been proven to be healthfully very beneficial and I think the reason it is questioned is often only because it is so pleasurable. Kinda seems like with so many things that are good for us being so much less than pleasant, it’s nice to have something that is good for us and feels good for a change!

                  If it’s some other reason, well, give me a chance to change your mind on that. 😉 I really believe massage is one of the biggest under-used health benefits of our time.

                  on October 20, 2019.
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                    If the spouse takes the photos, I don’t see a problem.  Having some other dude come in and look at your naked wife isn’t appropriate, IMO.  A female photographer could be a lesbian, too, and it could arouse her to take the photos.

                    Other than that, the other problem is if you die and your kids go through your stuff and see naked pictures of mom and dad… and the sex toys.  Sex toys would be gross enough for them.  They don’t need to see mom and dad naked, even if they are adults.

                    Queen bed Answered on October 17, 2019.

                    I think that might be part of the point:  according to my research, the right photographer is really going to bring out my “inner goddess”–so to speak–the way only an artist can. So a) my DH is not going to have that skill, and b) I think it might be good for my DD to eventually see that side of me and understand that her mother was more than the pain in her neck she fought with a lot during the teen years.

                    on October 17, 2019.

                    I find it irksome to use the pagan term ‘goddess’ for women.  Not appropriate for Christians, IMO.  I had a prof in grad school who said he was Catholic, but he would say stuff like ‘thank the gods’.  Why should Christians talk pagan?

                    Is having good photos worth having another man look at you in attire only appropriate for your husband to look at?  And why pose sexy for a woman photographer either? If you could pull it off with a timer on a camera, that might make sense.  But the kids could still find the sexy photos if they inherit them.  I wouldn’t want to see ‘sexy’ pictures of my mom or dad.  That’s the downside to anything sexy you leave behind.

                    on October 26, 2019.
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                      I wouldn’t pay anyone to take pics, but my husband does it for free. I’m just too shy to have a stranger seeing me and posing me. I’m not sure that my worried face is particularly attractive. Hahaha. 😉

                      Queen bed Answered on October 17, 2019.
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                        You might look into women photographers who specialize in pregnancy and newborn photos. I’ve seen some really tasteful erotic pregnancy shots that are just beautiful. I would think they would know how to pose you, etc. and you would be comfortable.

                        I would have done it when I was younger , but it wasn’t a ‘thing’ back then. Your choice of photographers was Sears, JCP, or Olan Mills😂. I wouldn’t display in my home because we host too many holidays and work events. A book just for my DH would have been nice though.

                        Fell out of ... Answered on October 17, 2019.
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