Breast Intimacy in Your Marriage Bed: Delightful, Meh, or Uh-uh?

    Most husbands are captivated by their wife’s breasts. That’s very true for me. As a young father, I was enamored with Mrs. Youngbear’s milk engorged breasts and ‘creatively’ incorporated breast suckling into our foreplay. To my delight I found her milk and the suckling experience to be exhilarating and Mrs. Youngbear made it clear that she desired – even craved –  my attention on her breasts. This began our lifelong love affair of breast intimacy.

    In another post, I explained our breast intimacy as an ‘adult nurturing relationship.’ Unlike ANR (adult nursing relationship) or ABR (adult breastfeeding relationship) which are scheduled, lengthy, daily routines intended to produce and sustain lactation, our breast intimacy is simply nurturing for both of us. Certainly, ANR, ABR, and our definition of ‘adult nurturing relationship’ may lead to consummated sexual intimacy, but not always.

    How do TMBers feel about breast intimacy (ANR, ABR, or ‘adult nurturing relationship)? Where are you on the spectrum from Delightful to Meh to Uh-uh?

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      Mrs. Oldbear and I find our breast nurturing relationship to be incredibly bonding, pleasant, and most desirable.

      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on October 12, 2019.
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        I could see why it would be delightful. Back in the years where there were no emotional blocks or walls between us, I had some interest in this and I did some reading on it. Although I was not interested in the actual lactating part, because that sounds like way too much work and time.

        There was something very soothing and intimate about holding each other and the gentle extended suckling. I could feel the oxytocin being released.

        As for now, I think I could only do it when or if I can get fully emotionally attached again and regain the full trust that’s been lost. Otherwise, it’s too intimate for me.

        @Duchess, concerning the concerns you shared in the comments in the other thread, about feeling too motherly…. all I can say is, the times we did it (not a lifestyle, just the random practice of extended holding and suckling), I never had that feeling come over me. It was fully a husband and wife dynamic….a very intimate husband and wife dynamic.

        Under the stars Answered on October 12, 2019.

        Thanks for the insight. Don’t think of my comments on the other thread as concerns. I don’t have a problem with the practice at all; nor do I mean to make anyone feel like I’m giving them the side eye for enjoying it. I’m trying (albeit casually) to understand because it is something very foreign to me, if I understand it correctly. Like I said, DH loves to play with my breasts in many ways including sucking, but there is always sexual intent, whether it happens right away or at a later time.

        on October 12, 2019.

        When I thought and said “concerns” for you, I didn’t take it at all that you were looking down on or judging anyone. I saw it as you are concerned for yourself that it would feel like a “mother/child” dynamic, which keeps you from being open to the idea of trying it or practicing it.

        BTW, I believe it always led to sex for us as well. There isn’t a problem with that.

        on October 14, 2019.
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          I’m same as Duchess, it is ALWAYS involved with a sexual intent, never just to do it as an emotional bonding. But yes, my husband always sucks and plays with my breasts as a part of foreplay

          On the floor Answered on October 12, 2019.
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            I enjoy her breasts, she enjoys me enjoying them. It’s more foreplay than “main attraction” for us.

            Queen bed Answered on October 12, 2019.
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              We don’t do it often, but my wife loves her breasts to be kissed and sucked on and will let me do it for an extended time. She can almost orgasm from it. On a 10 scale, i would give it  7.

              Fell out of ... Answered on October 14, 2019.

              Do it more!

              on October 14, 2019.
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                Breast intimacy is a major delight for me! But neither of us ae into ANR, ABR, or ‘adult nurturing relationship. We are happy for those who enjoy that.

                I have always enjoy DW’s breasts, including before, during and after her pregnancies too. Breast play and intimacy happens daily.

                Similar to the experience of others, her nipples have changed so that since nursing our babies, stimulation and sucking is only enjoyed when she is sexually aroused. That is a disappointment to me, but means we need to be understanding of each other and find ways to indulge in nipple delight too.


                Under the stars Answered on October 14, 2019.
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                  Thanks for the feedback, thus far, from everyone. It’s interesting to note that the votes are spread out across ‘delightful’ to ‘meh’ to ‘uh-uh’ with a trend toward the lower end of the spectrum, particularly for the ladies. Thanks for the distinction between breast/nipple play. Many (most?) couples engage in it during foreplay to orgasm. However, the notion of purposeful breast time to bond in a loving and nurturing manner is in the minority.

                  For some, it’s physically uncomfortable. For others, it’s not desired, even weird. For those who find or would find more breast time to be delightful, SC puts it well, ‘There was(is) something very soothing and intimate about holding each other and the gentle extended suckling. I could(can) feel the oxytocin being released.’

                  An interesting theme that emerges from the response, particularly among the ladies, is the discomfort from breast/nipple play. It seems that childbearing can change the sensitivity of breasts and nipples. Then, too, menopause can affect the joy or no joy of breast play by DHs. Perhaps this is worthy of another post question.

                  In our case, Mrs. Youngbear/Oldbear has always craved and desired breast and nipple play from before kids through her many years after an oophorectomy.

                  Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on October 14, 2019.
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                    DH loves my breasts and I love breast play. No nipple play here, though. Same as others, after babies, I can’t stand my nipples being touched.

                    Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on October 14, 2019.
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                      I love playing with and sucking my wife’s breasts and she enjoys me playing with them and sucking on them.  They are her “ON” button.

                      California King Answered on October 15, 2019.
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                        While I don’t think we would ever be into ANR or ABR breast stimulation does play a big role in our lovemaking. Generally I’ll suck on whichever nipple is most arousing to her while simultaneously simulating her clitoris. It is a major part of her path to an O.

                        I also really enjoy cupping and squeezing them. DW is on the small side but honestly it makes them hotter. Feels very manly to have a whole breast in my hand or mouth.

                        Great visuals also, especially when “bouncing”. 🙂

                        Fell out of ... Answered on October 15, 2019.
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