Bushy pubic hair?


    I know it seems counter intuitive, but I have been considering growing out my hair down there.  I know, I know… summer will be here, I should be thinking the opposite.  I have been a shaver/trimmer for as long as I can remember, I am just curious how full it would actually get.

    Has anyone tried not trimming or shaving?  Were you (and/or spouse) happy with the results?

    Just to clarify though, I will still shave legs, armpits, and  perineum. 😛

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      Whatever you do, do it with gusto!


      Yes, I’m in the camp that I would love to see my wife shave it all off. But that’s not really in the cards. I’m lucky if she trims once a month.

      But I have been thinking about how I would feel if she were to grow it out. And the answer I came to is that I would LOVE IT…


      IF!! She does it intentionally and tells me how great it is and don’t I like all that hair, and I’ll leave more to your imagination. Make it special!


      But if she just grew it out to be lazy, then I probably wouldn’t like it.

      Queen bed Answered on May 10, 2020.
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        We might be the exception here but I prefer DW with full, untrimmed pubic hair and so does she. (We did try shaving once.) I think she looks better with a full bush.

        Fell out of ... Answered on May 10, 2020.
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          i only trim but i shave the labia

          Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on May 10, 2020.
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            We have never shaved. Only trimmed. DW has trimmed along the bikini lines for wearing swim wear.

            I trim at the base of my shaft. So, we enjoying being mostly natural! 😀

            Under the stars Answered on May 10, 2020.
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              We both shave it all off.  Enjoy the sensations without the hair.  Our preference.

              I’d suggest your spouse is on board as well.

              Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on May 10, 2020.
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                Neither of us shave our pubic region. I really like the look of pubic hair and have no interest in her shaving down there.

                Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on May 11, 2020.
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                  My wife doesn’t trim or shave her pubic region and she is happy.  God put pubic hair there for a reason.  I have cut trimmed my pubic hair a few times, just to see what it looks and feels like.  I could do either way.

                  On the floor Answered on May 11, 2020.

                  God also gave men a face to shave as well and armpits and female legs that women shave regularly, and we all give off odor that is covered by deodorant or cologne/perfume. We have hair on our head that is styled/cut regularly…all God given. We even pluck and trim nose hair.

                  Really the preference to shave down there or elsewhere, is done with technology that we did not have 200 years ago or prior. We didn’t have cars or blow dryers, certified medical doctors or electricity…

                  on May 12, 2020.

                  There is a big difference between hair on the head and hair in the genital area.

                  on May 12, 2020.

                  Not sure your history is quite right. Shaving is mentioned in Genesis, so the technology is at least 4000 years old.

                  on May 12, 2020.

                  Do we always have to find a way to disagree with me?

                  the very so absolutely few who shaved 4000 years ago is an outlier.  In general, the blade as was used by most was a meat cleaver or weapon. The imperfection of blades at that time was imperfect and the record of people using them for groin shaving or even the beard was practically unheard of. Cutting great lengths of hair on the head would have seemed more likely. In modern times, we have perfected this practice on any area of the body. Also, blades came after bronze and iron age in which metal was used at all.

                  And my point about trimming hair on the head as opposed to shaving the groin has to do with the argument of “shaving what God gave us” as mentioned above! There are many areas of the body that we trim and prep for sexual reasons or for general appearance.

                  I am sure that many Christians can and will find ways to shame such practices as wrong, sinful or “unGodly.”

                  In the past the Catholic/protestant Church could/would sign-off of many sexual practices including shaving your groin. The power, authority and influence of the Church during those years was accepted and yet today, the Church is more, “hands off,” to dealing with particular sexual or grooming subjects and divorce is at an all time high.

                  In fact, the boredom of the bedroom in these post modern times has produced many men who see no sexual excitement in marriage and a church that shames many Christian men who just want a happy and sexually fulfilling marriage. As a result, men shun church service and live a life of sexual promiscuity while the church sends church members with sexual problems to sex experts who are mostly NOT Christian and those therapists that are christians often recommend divorce.

                  My opinion is that IF a man or woman in a marriage wish to shave themselves for sexual excitement, why not? It’s their secret. They stay together longer and are happy fulfilled couples. The kids and all who know them wonder why.

                  Is shaving the groin area a part of sexual immorality? Winning question for most is that; is it leading to sin? Is changing your sexual appearance a sin? Is a tan a sin?


                  on May 13, 2020.

                  If I think you’re wrong then yes, I will disagree. Shaving is mentioned in the Bible about 20 times. One of those times is Samson declaring that a razor has never been used on him because he has been a nazirite from birth, implying that shaving was actually fairly common in that society.
                  There’s also archaeological evidence that pumice stones, depilatories and tweezers were all used for female hair removal in Ancient Greece and Rome, and probably Egypt too. Therfore your assertion that the technology has existed for less than 200 years is simply not true.

                  on May 13, 2020.

                  you think I’m wrong? I accept your challenge.

                  First, we are not under law any more. And the data that marks written history of shaving in what you wrote above is an assumption. You could be right or wrong. Does God expect us to go through such pains to research small habits of other societies practices in order to avoid them? In this case the reference to so much philistine shaving and so Samson should NOT shave and therefore he is the more Godly person? OK. Samson was a judge. Book of judges was specific for the time before Kings. Samson practices were sign of his character not a requirement nor example for us to follow.

                  Here’s my deal; if God doesn’t say it and its not there, why worry? If you feel super Godly with pubic hair, fine. If you feel Godly without because you shave it, fine. In a world where we have technology of high quality blades and electric shavers that make hair removal down there easy, why worry about it? We live in a pornagraphic society. 80% of the men have high sex drives while the wives are in the 20% high sex drives. So the men see sexualized stuff either deliberately or its on display in advertisements or the mall, meanwhile women are questioning why they need to sexually satisfy their husbands so much. So if they both decide to do things like trim, sex toy, sex acts that are very sensuous, why not? If it helps a couple be sexually happy and they stay together, good! Now if you want to bring up pagan exercises as a forbidden practice I remind all that the Christmas tree is a pagan symbol. So is the cross itself, as Paul mentions in scripture.

                  There is no end to pointing out pagan or ungodly practices in order to restrict sexual practices.

                  sexual immorality involves sex of any kind with a person other than your spouse.

                  on May 29, 2020.
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                    I dont shave. If not done properly it can cause all sorts of problems. The vigina is a delicate ecosystem. The hair is there to help prevent bacteria from entering the vigina.
                    I may be too hippy for this site, but i rarely shave my legs. I only shave my armpits often because deodorant works better on naked skin.
                    As i shave less the hair is not as thick or as course.
                    Why should women have to spend all this extra time and money removing hair on their bodies when men don’t. I used to spend at least $100 a year on hair removal. Now we use the money towards vacations.

                    Queen bed Answered on May 13, 2020.

                    I have many times told Zelda that she can stop shaving (legs and armpits) and it won’t bother me at all. She hasn’t taken me up on that yet. I think it’s engrained in women culturally.


                    on May 13, 2020.

                    I don’t look at it that way Why should women have to spend all this extra time and money removing hair on their bodies when men don’t.

                    We’re different from men, we style our hair, put on makeup, wear feminine clothing, we are just different and although a personal preference, we also can decide to remove our hair.

                    on May 22, 2020.
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                      It will be itchy for a few days, but it soon passes. Some post shave Balm or hair conditioner might help.

                      On the floor Answered on May 21, 2020.
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                        It looks like there is a preference for everyone for sure.  I think the natural look is beautiful though a bit of a trim from time to time doesn’t hurt.

                        On the floor Answered on May 27, 2020.
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