Butt plugs

    I am tentatively exploring these, don’t know how receptive husband will feel about me using it although up until now he’s loved everything i’ve introduced since being on TMB: thigh high stockings, a vibrator, nipple clamps (i’ve just ordered nipple suction pumps, he doesn’t know but he will on Saturday, LOL) so it’s something i’m carefully considering.

    i think the chances are he will enjoy me using them (don’t know if i will or not!) but i would like to get him one specifically designed to massage the prostate (curved butt plug).  I highly doubt he will do it but i would like to hear from husbands who have used them and their experience, especially since if they massage the prostate, how does that feel? Does it add to the intensity of orgasm?

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      Thinking of talking to DW about this. Can only imagine what her response would be if I suggested prostate message. Any of the ladies here upset/embarrassed when DH brought this up?

      Twin bed Answered on February 18, 2020.
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        @123445, how open are you and your wife with experimenting and exploring? My husband and I are pretty open-minded with toys and trying new things, so I was not upset or embarrassed, but I do have a personal mental issue with me performing any kind of AP on him. I appreciate that he’s understanding of that and doesn’t pressure me. I am fine with him using toys for anal stimulation or massage, but he’s responsible for his own insertion, removal and clean up.

        I did go out of my comfort zone once, to give him a prostate massage, finger cots are a must. But, it wasn’t an easy feat, his sphincter muscle was strong enough my finger was losing circulation 😀 that’s when someone on TMB said, “That’s what toys are for!” 🙂

        Under the stars Answered on February 18, 2020.
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          SeekingChange. Haven’t tried anything new in the bedroom for 10 years. Not sure I have the courage to bring this up.

          Twin bed Answered on February 19, 2020.
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            Just finding this post as I’m fairly new to the site and wanted to put give my opinion as well.  Yes, it does add to my orgasm and it is enjoyable.  There is a balance on using too much lube and not enough.  Too much lude and it can slip out.  Not enough and it is a bit painful going in.  I also will use anal beads from time to time in the shower.  My wife will not use an anal toy but she doesn’t mind my using one as she knows it’s pleasurable for me.

            King bed Answered on March 21, 2020.
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