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    Sharing some thoughts on the previous post about Candace Cameron Bure and the photo that obviously has caused quite strong reactions: I find it incredible that a photo of a fully clothed, married couple can cause such controversy. Aren’t there quite a few more important issues than that to focus on and care about? I guess the cultural context plays an important role here and being a non-American (swede) I guess I see things from a slighly different perspective. My question is: what other nationalities are represented here on TMB and what would the reaction to this photo be in your countries?

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      Australian here.

      Average Aussie ………. ‘why is she wearing a top?’.

      Queen bed Answered 4 days ago.

      Ha!  This response is hilarious.

      1 day ago.

      Sometimes even the joking answers deserve upvotes…

      40 mins ago.
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        Very interesting question, I look forward to seeing what countries are represented and what their perspectives are!

        Under the stars Answered 4 days ago.
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          OK. Thomas. I’ll bite.  I doubt this qualifies , however.  for what you’re looking for.  I grew up overseas in a country in Africa (nameless for now)  as the son of missionaries and I went to an extremely, sheltered, Christian boarding school for nearly all of my  elementary and secondary years of school.   So. something like this would never have been brought up or discussed.  Also, just to be clear I am an American citizen and have lived in the USA since 1979 after graduating from that boarding school in Africa.

          Queen bed Answered 4 days ago.
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            I’ll chime in though I’m a US citizen, I grew up outside the country. The countries I grew up in would not bat an eye at Candace Cameron Bure‘s photo. Nude beaches and nudity on billboards was/is common in those locations and a Christian posting a photo like that would not stir up any controversy with Christians there, probably not due to modesty standards but due to sex being seen as the usual order of business. 🤷‍♀️

            California King Answered 4 days ago.
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              I grew up in Africa as the son of missionaries and went to a very conservative boarding school. In Africa, women were often topless in a public context, and it was no big deal. However, as far as public displays of affection between married (or otherwise) couples, you didn’t see those that often. So, I would guess that this would be considered inappropriate in that context. Honestly, in the African country where I grew up, it would have been less controversial for Candace to be topless than it would be for her to be photographed with her husband touching her breast, over clothing or not.

              As far as where I am personally, I’d say that I don’t really see it as a huge issue. However, a playful touch over clothing like that definitely has sexual overtones, and I don’t know if I would personally have that in a photograph. I think my wife would be uncomfortable if we did that in public or in a photo, especially. So, I guess I can see where it’s controversial. Is it worth losing our minds over? No. There are far bigger fish to fry out there for us as a Christian community.

              Fell out of ... Answered 3 hours ago.
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