Culturally Themed Date Nights


    1. Scenery – what elements should there be to set the mood?
    2. Activities – what can you do at home or around town within the theme?
    3. Romance – what activities can you do in the bedroom within the theme?


    Italian Night

    1. Scenery – dress up like a gondolier (striped shirt), masquerade masks,
    2. Activities – dinner at an Italian restaurant. Take a rowboat ride like you are in Venice.
    3. Romance – listen to Italian music as you make love with masquerade masks on.


    I’ll work on these and post updates as I can.  Here are some other bare-bones initial ideas I haven’t fleshed out yet.

    Arabian Nights – More often than not, its hotter than hot, in a lot of good ways.  Belly dancing. Mediterranean food.  Feed each other baklava and dates.

    Japanese Night – wear kimonos and drink sake.  Dinner at a sushi or hibachi.

    Spanish night – go salsa dancing, wear flowing skirts, and drink sangria.

    Mexican night – eat tacos, drink dos equis or tequila, and paint one another in bright colors like the day of the dead. (hope that’s not creepy)


    What else?

    King bed Asked on November 30, 2019 in Activities & Items .
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      Another idea would be themed around decades.   Dress up and listen to music from the 90’s or 70’s.  Bonus – throw in something that reminds you of what you were doing as a couple in that era!   OOHH!!  The 20’s would be a fun decade to do!  Swing dancing and fun clothes.

      King bed Answered on November 30, 2019.
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        Fun ideas! How about a French night? You could do some fondues like Swiss/white wine with cut up veggies and a baguette, beef burgundy, and then a chocolate fondue with strawberries. Wear a French maid outfit, French kiss and learn a few sexy phrases in French. Throw some scarves over the lamps to set the mood (but be careful with that).

        On the floor Answered on November 30, 2019.
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          Try out the opposite extremes of socioeconomic culture:  wear all your bling and fanciest clothes and pretend to be extremely rich. Drink from brandy snifters or rocks glasses (use iced tea if you don’t care for liquor) and casually discuss your weekend plans for sex on  your yacht after you return from Dubai. Ponder whether you should take the Rolls or the Mercedes to dinner and eat somewhere that sets the table with more than one fork. Turn down the sheets before you go so when you get back you can pretend the maid did it.

          OR: cut off some old jeans, wear form-fitting tee shirts and go barefoot as much as is safe. Take a picnic lunch in a meadow or the woods or up in the mountains (along Skyline Drive if you are on the East Coast) and pretend you are Appalachain settlers. Take a lantern that uses a candle (real or battery), an old quilt, and drink out of Mason jars. Wade in a creek and pick a bouquet of Queen Anne’s Lace and talk about nature,  honor and pride. hard work, and the future and then “do what comes natural”  under the evening star before kissing at length on the back porch.

          Under the stars Answered on December 1, 2019.
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            Creative ideas!

            Under the stars Answered on November 30, 2019.
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              Geek Night.

              Both wear sexy versions of costumes from whatever geekdom you both share (for instance – wife in a Wonder Woman outfit, hubby in tight black or dark blue shorts, a t-shirt with a bat-symbol, and maybe a cape; wife in sexy Hogwarts wear; etc.) and play out an associated scenario.

              Or each partner devises a sexy campaign for the other to play out D&D-style (creating a character to play as, using dice roles to determine outcomes, etc.).  After both have had chance to be both DM and player both retire to the bed where they can play out in live action the situations their character dealt with in the game.


              California King Answered on November 30, 2019.
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