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    Has anyone had issues with Defy’s customer service. For me, they have been hot and miss for awhile. The Patient Portal works about 50% of the time and my meds almost never arrive on time even if I pay for expedited shipping.

    When I called last Friday (Feb.14) to order refills, the girl told me that my labs were past due (Feb. 6). I told her that I never received any notifications that they were due. I checked my emails to be sure. No notifications. They’re supposed to send one at 2 weeks before and 1 week before the due date.

    On the following Tuesday (Feb. 18), I got a snarky email threatening to withhold my scripts because I had not had my labs done. I emailed back that I had not be notified that they were due and that I didn’t appreciate such a pedantic and accusatory email.

    The girl that sent it emailed back and apologized saying it was a form email sent out and that Defy always had a grace period for labs. She sent another email the next day saying that my cell# was listed as “home” number and that’s why I wasn’t notified by text. I replied that I haven’t had a land line in years and that I’ve always been notified by either text or call on the cell #.

    I voiced my complaint on ExcelMale and got a message from Deanna who is Customer Retention for Defy. I emailed her but never heard back from her.

    The next day I get a phone call from Jason who is involved in their IT. He said he and other supervisors agreed that the email was snarky and unfriendly and because of my complaint they were reviewing and rewriting them. So far so good.

    Today – ANOTHER email about my labs being past due!!! So I reply to it and ask them to stop it as it is bordering on harassment. I also emailed Deann and Jason about it.  So far, no reply from either of them.

    I went ahead and called Defy this morning  to pay for my labs with hopes that the snarky emails wold stop and told the lady taking my order the same.

    I’ve been with Defy for years and always received notifications in a timely fashion before this and never a snarky email. Thanks to their delay in notifying me, I am at least 25 days into my “grace period” and I don’t always get my labs done right away for important reasons ($$, abstaining from sex and taking supplements to control my HCT and PSA). If the harassment continues, I will be done with Defy. My PCP has offered to write scripts for me.

    Has anyone else had issues with Defy like this?

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      So far, no, not that I know of. That doesn’t seem like them, I wonder what the change is?

      Under the stars Answered on February 21, 2020.

      I used to get phone call notifications. I think they are now too dependent on the automated systems and the system is fouled-up by Jason’s admission.

      I agree, it was out-of-character for them. That’s why it rubbed me the wrong way. I was already upset that they had failed to notify me in advance and got even more upset when they sent the snarky email.  Getting another one today after I thought all had been resolved, just put another layer of icing on the cake for me.


      on February 21, 2020.
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        So far so good for both DH and I.
        Although when I called in my last testosterone cypionate refill, I noticed my email invoice was 200 mg/ml instead of 50 mg/ml.
        I called them back within 10 minutes of the placed order and it was corrected. I didn’t want a beard or sing like Barry White lol.
        Then a couple of days later they informed me it was too early for my refill.
        The increase in dose from my latest labs was not factored in. After I *** near ran out, they compt my testosterone because of their error.

        They must be growing.
        I hope this is just growing pains.

        And those automated/generated emails suck.
        I’m sure it sounded like a good idea, but the tend to be only accurate 50% of the time.

        Hammock Answered on February 22, 2020.

        The “growing pains” have been going on for a couple of years. Jason Sypolt said that they are upending everything and going with a new system. He read the email I got and agreed that it was improper and apologized. I just wish they’d stop sending me “reminders” every other day. It’s annoying and aggravating – especially to a man on testosterone 🙂

        Let them know what you think about the emails. They do seem to be responsive.

        on February 22, 2020.
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