Discomfort after sex during pregnancy

    My DW is 7 months pregnant. Ever since about 4 months, whenever we have sex, for the rest of the day she feels like her insides are falling out her vagina, and she can hardly walk or stand. Once we tried doing only about 5 seconds of PIV and the same thing happened. This means that we can only have sex at bedtime (she feels fine by morning), which really cramps our style!

    Has anyone else experienced this? Do you have any suggestions?

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      this sounds like a pelvic wall issue. has she talked with her OB/GYN about it?

      Is this her first pregnancy?

      We had some pelvic wall issues and my wife described it feeling what your wife is describing. I really recommend that you guys see a doctor.

      California King Answered on October 26, 2019.
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        I agree it is something to talk to the doctor about.  Every pregnancy is different.  My wife had some bleeding during our first pregnancy.  We’d been having regular sex and I wondered if I was too energetic during the act before.  But that probably wasn’t the reason.  The doctor said bed rest and no sex for a certain period of time and we did that, and our son is nearly an adult now.

        Generally sex during pregnancy is okay, and we’ve had some 9 month pregnancy as I recall.  But sometimes, at some point, you may have to cut off the intercourse.  If it doesn’t feel good, you may have to switch to manual play or something along those lines.  My wife has had pregnancies where she did not feel like intercourse as it got into the later stages.

        Her body is going through a lot.  If she feels bad after, you’ll just have to hold off until six weeks or more after pregnancy for intercourse–after she’s had that uber-long-period type experience and healed up.  There is other stuff you can do now.  You can keep up the affection.  Enjoy it.  She’ll probably be overloaded with hugging and affection if she breastfeeds– oxytocin overloaded and sleepy while you are squished into a corner of the bed to give her space to feed the baby.

        Queen bed Answered on October 26, 2019.
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