Do you ever get skin hunger?

    When I was young, I had this strong drive to have sex when I got horny, centered in the genitals.  Sex with my wife was great.  But if she wasn’t up for it, she’d give me a hand job.  If we werent’ sick or fasting or whatever, I got release just about every night before the kids were born, something I really felt a need for as a young man.  We settled into a pattern of my giving her lots of OS followed by intercourse one afternoon, followed by a handjob the following afternoon.  She was never that much into OS.  Honestly, her mouth is small and kind of toothy and it just wasn’t good for me.

    Now that I am older, in my 40’s, after a day or two of no sex , I get hungry to feel my wife’s skin all over my body.  It’s more of an intimate craving for her body and feeling her than it is of sexual release down below, though I want that, too.  A hand job wouldn’t seem satisfying, though, not emotionally.  If I go several days of no sex, then a handjob seems good to me, too.  I want physical relase and a hand job is good for that, though intercourse is usually good, too.  If i get really horny, occasionally, I would almost choose the handjob.  My wife is really good at them, and it is more of a raw sexual release without as much of the touchy feely sexual intimacy.

    I’m just kind of wondering if the ‘skin hunger’ desire for sex is a common thing and if it is more of a thing other people crave as they get older?

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      Physical touch is one of my top love languages.  I love being touched by dh, (mindlessly running his hands through my hair, rubbing my feet while we watch a show, snuggling on his lap while he rubs my back etc.) but one of my most favorite things in the whole world is when we snuggle in bed at night.  We both sleep naked (we started doing this about 5 years ago at my request) and the the comfort of warm skin on skin cuddled together is something I can’t even put into words.  It truly is the best feeling ever.

      On the floor Answered on April 17, 2019.
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        Yes – Skin on skin contact is a very real need. Even without actual sex, the intimacy of skin on skin contact is very much a bonding and fulfilling thing.

        I’m sure others can add more scientific detail to this.

        Twin bed Answered on April 16, 2019.
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          Touch is one of my love languages. So… I get it.

          Double bed Answered on April 16, 2019.
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            I think you’re touching on the feeling of intimacy, a deep friend connection, that you get during great sex.  Sex is so much more than a physical act.. it’s emotional and spiritual too.  (FYI this is a big part of the reason the “hookup” culture leaves people feeling empty).

            I get what you’re saying, there’s almost an ache in your body when your spouse doesn’t touch you.  My top love languages are physical touch and quality time.   If I go too long without either, my body literally aches.  What’s interesting is how this plays out in bed.  Spooning or cuddling, especially naked, fills both languages quite well.  Maybe we’re talking, maybe we’re kissing or fondling, or maybe we’re just holding each other in silence.  We’re touching and having quality time, so we fill all three of those experiences.. physical, emotional, spiritual, and we don’t even have to do anything sexual!   We’re just laying there, two best friends, enjoying the peace and calm of it all.


            Double bed Answered on April 16, 2019.
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              Skin on skin is something we both crave, so we make time for it.

              When I was younger that pretty much always made me horny unless we’d had sex before. Now I am more able to snuggle without sex and not feel cheated.

              California King Answered on April 17, 2019.
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                I agree with everyone. Skin on skin touch brings us closer. I crave it too. However it does get me horny more often than my wife. Maybe it is the hormones, I don’t know.

                Double bed Answered on April 18, 2019.
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                  Yes, skin on skin is very important for me, even if it doesn’t lead to sex.


                  Actually, I sometimes wish I could “turn off” my sexual cravings to make the skin-on-skin last longer… just because clothes usually go on after we’ve both climaxed.

                  Twin bed Answered on April 30, 2019.

                  One thing I like is for her to just lay on me for a while and thrust enough to keep me hard.  Sometimes I’ll be on top, or on my haunches, to get her to orgasm one, two, three, etc. times.  Then after she’s had her fill, she’ll just lay on my for a little while. Usually, she doesn’t take all that long, but I like to feel her skin for a while, and it is more intimate and more satisfying during sex.  I like to feel her behind with my hands mainly, and feel her all over me.  It feels better laying down, too, since the bed is under me.  it hink that intensifies the senssation.

                  Also, if she keeps thrusting after I’ve climaxed, it’s more fun like that because of all the skin-on-skin intimacy than if she were doing so after giving me a handjob, which is more of a physical sensation and less emotionally bonding.

                  on May 1, 2019.
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