Do You Have a Competent TRT Doctor Where You Live?

    I tried two local doctors for TRT before switching to Defy a few years ago. I could not find a competent TRT doctor locally, although I  live in a metro area of over 500,00.

    If you have a competent local doctor, someone else in your area may be looking and you can save them a lot of wasted time and money. If possible, please give us your Doctor’s info here.



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      Sorry, I don’t want to say where I live.  I can say that we found DH’s doctor through , and found one doctor in our metro area of 1,500,000.   I only found one doctor for myself, and by some miracle he was in our insurance network.  Problem is, he’s about 85 years old, so when he is no longer practicing I’ll be out of luck getting TRT for cheap.  (DH’s BodyLogic doctor is not in our insurance network and his treatment costs about $2,500 a year.)

      Hammock Answered on April 29, 2019.

      I don’t want anyone to reveal where they live f they wish to remain anonymous. That’s wy I said, “if possible…”


      My 2nd TRT doctor was a BodyLogic doctor. He pushed pellets but I wanted to do injections which he allowed me to do.  After a few months, I determined that he didn’t know what he was talking about.  He did not know what a sensitive E2 test was for men even though it was on the Lab Sheet . There are many BodyLogic doctors out there so I’m sure there are some or many who are competent.  I find that women have more success with them than men.

      on April 29, 2019.

      We really lucked out, because DH’s BodyLogic doctor is extremely thorough and knowledgeable.  Interestingly enough, he’s actually an OB/GYN but does BodyLogic on the side.

      on April 29, 2019.

      The BodyLogic doc I used was also an OB/GYN. He had my wife on HRT and NEVER checked her blood levels. She also now uses Defy and loves them.

      on April 29, 2019.
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        We gave a local PCP a chance, we talked to a urologist when in there for other issues, and called another place that was supposedly focusing on TRT. With the local PCP, it became very clear, pretty quick, he didn’t know much. The urologist had a negative opinion of TRT, and the local place that focused on TRT, was more expensive than Defy, so we chose not to go any further with them. My husband’s new PCP has made it known that he doesn’t really care for TRT either…. oh well, we aren’t really asking for his opinion on it.

        I am in a metro area of a few million, so I am sure there might be a needle in this haystack, but because of testimonies from TMB about Defy, why continue to waste our time and money trying to find that needle? Defy Medical has worked really well for us.

        Under the stars Answered on April 29, 2019.

        If I could find a local doc as competent as Defy I would consider switching just for convenience and to save on shipping. My CNP wasn’t real enthused about me doing TRT when I  first met her. I have found it best to not even mention it to any PCP.  Most are untrained about TRT.

        on April 29, 2019.
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          We did find one, actually a whole clinic that specializes in men’s health.  I wouldn’t say its local per say, we live in a rural area and the office is about an hour and a half drive for us in our state’s capital city.  However after trying no less than 6 more local doctors everyone from pcp’s to several different endocrinologists (one who told my husband that because he had a beard he “seemed pretty manly to her”, to a holistic doctor it was a breath of fresh air to find someone who took our concerns seriously and agreed that dh’s levels were way to low for someone his age.  It has been totally worth the hour and a half drive twice a year for him to have found someone competent and willing to treat him.   I don’t feel comfortable posting our location for everyone but if someone wants to pm me I’ll give the name of dh’s doctor to them that way.

          On the floor Answered on May 1, 2019.

          You were blessed to find good and competent care where you live.

          on May 1, 2019.
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