Do you reflect what your church teaches on sexuality?

    Way back in my early 20s I was a potential juror for an exposure case.  The judge polled the jurors with many questions including, “do you believe that masturbation is a sin.”  I was the only juror to raise my hand.

    At the time we had a missionary on fur-low at our church.  He specialized in gathering the teens, the 20s and 30s to talk to them about the selfish sin of masturbation and how we could become clear and sin free.

    I was nothing more than a reflection of what I was taught.  It was some time later that I began to read on the subject and it was in James Dobson’s teaching that I first read a logical argument on the topic.

    I have come to believe that it is dangerous to teach what is of poor logic and horrible exegesis.

    Do you reflect what your church teaches?  Or are you like the Bereans of Acts 17:11 when it comes to sex and the Word of God?


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      I think that is (or at least should be) a false dichotomy.

      We should reflect what our church teaches because it should be scripturally sound.

      California King Answered on June 14, 2019.

      The Roman Catholic Church has millions of followers who do not practice what the church teaches regarding abortion, birth control, and I would guess even sodomy within marriage.  Many Protestant churches would take a stand against oral sex because of their teaching that is allegorical when it comes to the interpretation of the Song of Solomon. Some take a big stand against sodomy or anal sex, even within marriage.   Is not silence on sexuality by the majority of the church a type of teaching?  And, you who are vocal about it here on this forum not in violation of your churches implied teaching?  The better question is, and to where the void points us, Is it not obvious that the church is not Biblically sound when it comes to the subject of sexuality?  Even sexuality within marriage?

      on June 15, 2019.

      I agree that many churches are not scripturally sound when it comes to their teaching on sexuality. However, as someone who has recently moved to a new city, I made a conscious effort to find a church that is sound in its teaching. If I felt that a church of which I was a member wasn’t sound in it’s teaching, then I think it would be wrong to simply accept it, and that the error should be challenged. If after having a dialogue with the minister I still felt that the church was in error, then it may be necessary to leave and seek sound teaching elsewhere.

      I would argue that my wife and I are broadly representative of our church’s teaching that sex is a good gift from God that should be enjoyed within marriage. However, I would suggest that this is a biblical view of sex and that the question is therefore a false dichotomy.

      on June 17, 2019.
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        We are more like, what God teaches us, so we lead the church.

        Under the stars Answered on June 14, 2019.
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          I believe what you are asking is something like this: Is the way I live consistent with what my church teaches on sexuality.


          Under the stars Answered on June 14, 2019.
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            I don’t recall ever having heard a single word about masturbation taught at my church. I know as a teen I was under the assumption it was sin, but cannot recall where I got that idea. I honestly don’t think it was from my church. On the very rare occasion sex is mentioned in any context from the pulpit, the entire (largely elderly) congregation shuffles in their seats, turns pink, and looks everywhere but at any other person.

            There was one memorable sermon where (a former) pastor dared to preach about pre-marital sex and we ended up losing some folks who–surprise surprise!–were living together outside of marriage!

            Our current pastor will not conduct a marriage ceremony unless a couple has been living apart and has repented of prior sexual sin (i.e. living together) before the marriage. I am ALL IN FAVOR of that policy!!

            The only other sexual topic in recent years has been more of a financial thing. The homosexual issue keeps coming up at our denomination’s national conference and we put protections in place in our legal documents just in case we end up disagreeing so strongly with the denomination that we break away from it. There was some concern that the denomination could try to claim ownership of all our property if we withdrew, but now they can’t so our congregation is free to make all of our policy decisions based on our understanding of the Word rather than a popular vote.

            I agree with and believe I reflect our congregational policy on homosexuality, particularly the part that says we treat all individuals with dignity, respect, and the Love of God.

            Under the stars Answered on June 15, 2019.
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